‘Acie Lumumba caught up’ in child sex scandal saga as fifty four girls are rescued from sexual exploitation and placed into statutory care’ after underage commercial sex work in Epworth,

Acie-Lumumba (2)
FIFTY-FOUR girls have been rescued from sexual exploitation and placed into statutory care following a prominent exposé of underage commercial sex work in Epworth, Hopley and Caledonia by Katswe Sistahood.
The sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy group is calling on the government to swoop on and arrest paedophiles who are targeting poverty-ravaged young girls, raping and sexually exploiting them.
Talent Jumo, director of Katswe Sistahood, applauded the intervention by the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, whose Victim Friendly Unit officers and social workers were involved in the rescue and re-housing of the girls.
“We commend the ministry’s swift response to the plight of the girls and the helpful intervention they made to remove them from situations of sexual exploitation and getting them to safety,” Jumo said.
“Going forward, we recommend that government comes up with a national strategy to rescue and support more girls from across the country.
“This could be done through a multi-stakeholder coordinated process to draw up a long-term plan that also addresses underlying drivers of sexual exploitation of girls in the country.”
Katswe Sistahood also called on the ministry to invest in developing a database for vulnerable children in need of assistance.
This would enable the ministry to provide them with specific support that would improve their economic standing to ensure that they do not become targets of paedophiles who exploit their desperation.
The issue of rampant child sexual exploitation has caught the attention of the nation following a publicity campaign led by Katswe Sistahood, which involved an interview with the affected children on Star FM.
Zimbabweans in and out of the country responded to the news with shock and outrage, with many offering to provide financial support to the under-age girls being sexually exploited for survival.
However, Katswe Sistahood had to quickly abandon its efforts to coordinate the donations through a GoFundMe page following allegations catalysed by both online and mainstream media that their exposé was part of a ploy to raise funds for the organisation.
These allegations have largely been circulated on social media by prominent figures, such as political activist and Epworth native Acie Lumumba, who played a voice recording of a girl alleging that Katswe Sistahood had coerced the underage girls to say that they were sex workers in exchange for money.
However, Lumumba was challenged on Facebook about his apparent opportunism on the case by singer and girl child activist Nyari Mashayamombe.
In a Facebook live video, Lumumba had earlier claimed that the nine-year-old girl who was interviewed on StarFM did not exist.
Addressing Lumumba, Mashayamombe said: “When this story broke you bought it and ran with it…you then turned around and said it was a hoax and started attacking Katswe, and this we have on record.
“Now you’re back, you’ve seen the child, contrary to you accusing Katswe of making up the story…We need leaders that are truthful, leaders of consistency – we need people who own up and apologise.
“You can’t just continue changing colours, my dear brother. It hurts me to see how selfishly the stories of children are being played like this.
“Katswe together with many local NGOs do this work because they are absolutely touched and moved by these issues.”
To cap an eventful week for the organisation, Jumo was named among 40 “new generation family planning leaders” for 2017 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health.
She received $1,000 from the Gates Institute to continue her work in family planning.
Katswe Sistahood will launch a new campaign to promote awareness of both short and long-term contraceptive methods, including emergency contraception and condoms.
“At Katswe we have the welfare of girls and women at heart, and we are humbled that our work has been recognised in this special way. Too many young women have hardly enough information on sex, sexuality, conception and contraception. We want everyone to use every opportunity they get to discuss these topics,” Jumo said.
Prostitution is one the rise in Zimbabwe because of increasing unemployment and poverty levels.
Source – the standard

A man who returned from the diaspora after 25 years, allegedly killed his wife then hanged himself at Cecil Kopje Game Park

Barely a day after the burial of Mrs Victoria Murimba who was allegedly killed by her husband, Mr Elisha Murimba last week under unclear circumstances, the body of the husband has been found hanging in a tree in the Cecil Kopje Game Park.
Mr Murimba’s body was discovered hanging from a tree in Cecil Kopje Game Park, a few meters from his residence, by people believed to be second hand clothes smugglers.
The discovery of the body has extended the family’s mourning period after they laid to rest Mrs Murimba at Yeovil Cemetery on Saturday in an emotional send off.
Anger and grief are feelings the family is yet to fully come to terms with and the sight of the decomposing body of Mr Murimba torched these conflicting emotions.
Speaking during the burial of Mrs Murimba on Saturday, the Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs, Mandi Chimene said the government should put in place a strong legislative framework to protect women and the girl child.
Mrs Murimba was gruesomely murdered last week after the husband who had spent 25 years in the diaspora had returned home a month ago and the family was preparing to host a welcome party for him.
Mr Murimba is alleged to have slit his wife’s throat in unclear circumstances before disappearing.
Source – zbc

Tobacco farming causes deforestation, is highly detrimental to health and lowers food sustainability, and must be substituted immediately!


Zimbabwe’s forcibly evicted white commercial farmers, some who were tobacco farmers and parcelled out land to peasant blacks from the year 2000 in one of the most disastrous land policies ever witnessed.

The farming of tobacco was sold to the unfortunate farmers as the golden leaf or magic wand to richness.

In reality, this was false as no one warned the poor farmers that they were only signing up to future difficulties.

The truth is that tobacco is now a liability as in less than half a century there will be almost no demand for tobacco products.

A typical example of what will happen , is the fact that the world in general is coming up with greater health conscious initiatives such as health policies that are squeezing the production, sale and use of the health hazard that is tobacco by people.

Tobacco is a known drain of national health budgets because of its addictive nature and high costs to poor family budgets in society. A country like Zimbabwe would rightly urge farmers to go into tobacco farming but the truth is that Tobacco contributes highly to Zimbabwe’s budget so unless and until the government seek alternative crop farming they will claim tobacco farming is great.

We all know that the growth of tobacco is highly detrimental to soil fertility where ever it is grown and tobacco massively contributes towards deforestation as land is continuously cleared for tobacco and massive amounts of firewood are used in tobacco processing.

The returns may be lucrative to the grower for now, but it contributes massively to a serious decline in health standards of tobacco products users, land degradation, deforestation and poor soil fertility, while by default leading to a major decline in food stability.

The government of Zimbabwe must look at sustainable alternatives for the future such as steering away from tobacco as a major contributor to the national budget, because the money is still chanelled towards the health budget to look after victims of tobacco health created crisis.

There are other serious health hazards such as pesticides used and risks to tobacco farm labourers.

The global climate is deteriorating and food sustainability is fast falling. so we should be ahead in seeking alternative crops to Tobacco. training farming communities in producing alternatives and teaching people about the health benefits of walking away from tobacco and looking at alternatives crops. I will go into detail soon and I speak with confidence on this as I spent three years at the University of Zimbabwe, majoring in economics and Agricultural extension and then became the Department of Agriculture and Technical Extension Specialist (AGRITEX) Training Specialist, responsible for staff and farmer literature , 1994 to 1996. In this role I travelled into the deepest and most remote areas corner to corner across Zimbabwe, throughout commercial and communal farming areas while I was responsible for producing and presenting a total of 7 Radio Programmes on ZBC National Radios 1, 2 and 4.

These programmes were, 1) Agritex Farm Diary on radio 1, 2)Tinokushevedzai varimi 3) Nhau Dzevarimi 4) Kuchengetedzwa kwezvipfuwo 5) Sibiza abalimi, 6) Ukugcinwa kwezifuyo and 7) Izindaba zabalimi. As a nation, we should now all be pushing for government to shut down tobacco production on health grounds and terminate the deforestation and other healthissues associated with it. We should think about the future,.all our children, coloured, black, white, any race or tribe,…it starts with you saying NO to Tobacco! The government must be pressed by the electorate to stop funding tobacco production, stop purchasing tobacco from farmers and legislate against the production of tobacco, if not criminalise tobacco production.

Tobacco farming is simply hazardous in every way one looks at it, be it health wise to those handling and being exposed to pesticides in the farming, a threat to climate change because of the deforestation caused by Tobacco. If the government could implement a 51% ownership scheme in favour of indegenous people where ever a foreign company wanted to invest in business, then they can easily enforce a punitive heavy farming tax on all tobacco growers, transporters, exporters and tobacco auction floors and any business activity linked to tobacco including shops selling tobacco products, banks funding tobacco farming and any sales related to farming implements, and agricultural chemicals targeted at tobacco farming.

The government must also look at heavy taxation and withdrawal of funding from agricultural institutions that farm tobacco, while also immediately withdrawing tobacco farming from all agricultural institutions,..simply ban tobacco by shutting down the crop and ensuring that it becomes non viable to associate one with tobacco. From primary school, children must be taught regularly and thouroughly about the long term and life changing health hazards associated with tobacco.

It would be helpful if the government can actually divert the proceeds from the heavy taxation on tobacco to the health system and let the tobacco farmers share the burden of treating patients who become ill as a result of tobacco whether by being smokers or indirectly through secondary intake of tobacco smoke. People’s lives must be put first before profits by those who have no thought about not only their welfare but that of all our children, future descendants of all race and colour. Opposition must make it clear to people how they will work towards resolving this mess.

The same principle is applicable in any system causing public health hazards and affecting the lives of the ordinary people who usually have limited or no choices in life. An example is sugar, starting from farming sugar cane as sugar is a source of diabetes and is simply not an affordable health bill on the government, medical aid societies and the people affected.

We can argue the same again in alcohol, a source of life destruction through accidents, fights, disputes and other. In that respect, punitive heavy farming tax on all sorghum growers who sell or use, transporters, exporters and alcohol producers and any business activity linked to alcohol, including shops selling alcohol, banks funding sorghum farming designed for any sales related to alcohol production.

The last twenty years of Zimbabwe’s entropy have left the nation heavily exposed to horrendous disasters which need a people oriented heavy handed turnaround, that puts the interests of the people first. It is not rocket science that everyone seeks a health life and safe environment and a great future for all out=r children, coloured, black, white and any race or tribe.

People need food from the land, not deforestation, not smoke hazard from tobacco,…no action or clearly set out manifesto on this and no vote,….The people don’t know their true power,..use it and bring the much needed change! Don’t give away your vote for no reason, no matter how much you love the leader. It is not the leader who matters but the manifesto and what the leader can lead his or her party to deliver for the people and change their lives positively.

We need to bring all leaders to account for their promises in the manifesto and if no delivery on the manifesto, then its goodbye to them,..no need to wait for their mandate to expire! The main reason why I touch on Agriculture is that it is an area that has been allowed to be lawless ever since the disastrous Zanu pf land reform programme of the early 2000. We need to restore order, shape the future by pushing for changes and policies that put the people’s interest at heart,..in our case, health and safety and the future of the planet.

Wake up Zimbabwe, have to all think about tomorrow,….DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Mugabes, Foreign Affairs Minister and top Government officials have left for New York to attend the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly.

presidentdeparture (1)
President Robert Mugabe and the First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe left Harare for New York yesterday evening to attend the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly.
The Assembly will be held under the theme, “Focusing on People: Striving for Peace and Decent Life for All on Sustainable Planet.”
Discussions will centre on making a difference in the lives of ordinary people, prevention and mediation for sustaining peace, climate change and human rights.
Accompanying the President was Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and several top Government officials.
President Mugabe was seen off at the Harare International Airport by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi,
Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo, Harare Metropolitan Province Minister Miriam Chikukwa and service chiefs.
VP Mnangangwa is the acting President.
Source – zimpapers

A ZANU PF activist and businessman was allegedly robbed of his US$57 000 at a Gweru interface rally whilst he was busy chanting slogans.

A ZANU PF activist and businessman was allegedly robbed of his $57 000 at Gweru interface rally on 1 September, Bulawayo24. com heard.
Emmanuel Mhlanga a Silobela businessman and gold buyer is reported to have sold his gold to Fidelity company while going to Gweru interface rally.
The money which was packed in a bag is said to have been robbed in his Mazda B1800 car whilst he was busy chanting slogans.
When contacted for comment Mhlanga confirmed the case saying the case is still investigations but he is also visiting several sangomas to bring back his money.
“Who told you that cases which are under investigations should be published?
“I am helping the police with different sangomas l lost a huge some of money when l was on national duty in Gweru ,” he said.
Source – Byo24News

National Alcohol Policy to ban sale and consumption of alcohol to/by pregnant women and on certain days, hours and provide consumption limits at special events like parties and weddings

National Alcohol Policy to ban sale and consumption of alcohol to/by pregnant women and on certain days, hours and provide consumption limits at special events like parties and weddings
GOVERNMENT has revived its bid to regulate consumption of alcohol with a Cabinet committee recently approving a draft policy outlawing sale of alcoholic products during certain days, hours and to pregnant women.
It has been gathered that the National Alcohol Policy has since received blessings from various line ministries and is set to be tabled in Cabinet anytime soon.
The push to enforce a host of restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol follows Government’s concern over increasing cases of abuse of the product countrywide.
The policy is a brainchild of former Health Minister Dr Timothy Stamps, who is now health advisor in the Office of the President and Cabinet.
Dr Stamps argued the policy is the right pathway in maintaining good health as well as protecting people against alcohol abuse.
Health and Child Care secretary Retired Brigadier General Dr Gerald Gwinji said the proposed new rules are similar to those first mooted in 2010.
“We took the proposed new policy to the working party which comprises officials from various ministries and it passed,” he said.
“It also went to the Cabinet Committee on Social Services and Poverty Eradication and it went through. It now awaits to go to the Cabinet.
“The current one is a revised version of the 2010 draft after realising that the initial one had gaps.
“The policy is concerned with imparting behaviour change.
“Policies are there to give guidance to the general populace and various stakeholders. The reduction of alcohol abuse can be done partly through the law but the rest will be through moral suasion.”
Our Harare Bureau understands that the policy proposes to bar the sale of alcohol during the week, regulate the number of hours to sell the products and provide guidelines on the consumption of alcohol during special events like parties and weddings on the basis of the venue in which they are held.
Information shows that motor vehicle drivers found with a blood alcohol concentration of above 0,08 per 100ml of blood face arrest and those found selling the product to pregnant women will also be arrested. Source – zimpapers
Paul Nyathi-ZRP National Spokesperson

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe’s death announced’

mugabe-holds-rosary (3)
Today its just a month before Pastor Philip Mugadza’s prophesy that President Robert Mugabe will die on October 17 this year is proven true or not and if this might not happen it means serious repercussions for the pastor.
Pastor Mugadza prophesied sometime this year that he was shown a message from God that Mugabe will die on October 17 this year.
This led to his arrest and detention. His case is still pending in the courts but he has insisted that it was not his message personal he was just given the message by God.
He has also come out in another video on You Tube condemning Mugabe that he at some point said he is not dying as if he was insinuating that he will live to continue to inflict more suffering on citizens like he has done in the past 37 years of his misrule.
He said instead of president bragging that he is not dying he should be doing like what Ezekiel did when a message from God came to him that he will die.
Mugadza said Ezekiel did not argue whether it was true or false but knelt and faced the wall before praying to God asking that his years of living should be increased.
He said as for Mugabe it would need a reason as to why he should ask God to give him more years either to make people suffer more as he has done but f he is doing good it will mean for him to live to continue doing good for the people. by Stephen Jakes. Source – Byo24News

BREAKING NEWS: An AIRBUS A320 flight BA303, BA flight set to fly to London London Heathrow Airport had to be evacuated at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport this morning


BREAKING NEWS: An AIRBUS A320 flight BA303, BA flight set to fly to London London Heathrow Airport had to be evacuated at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport this morning just before before take off reportedly for security reasons.

The airport is surrounded by Police and fire engines which have surrounded the British Airways flight on the tarmac at Frances Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris because of the security threat which authorities are investigating.
Passengers have been subjected to screening by anti-terrorist police using police sniffer dogs and checking luggage after, as reported , someone made ‘a direct threat’ against the nine-year-old BA aircraft and more stringent security checks are being conducted at the airport at this moment in time.
Initially there was a slight delay on the tarmac for an hour and passengers were informed the flight was experiencing technical delays. After an hour, the plane was moved to a different area and passengers were advised that this is due to having to take up a different take slot.
Shortly afterwards the plane was swarmed by anti terror police and the passengers were asked to come off the plane after the pilot calmly informed them that a security threat had been made towards the flight by an individual.
More news to follow: By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-daily mail.

A beer patron was attacked and left for dead in Parker village 2 Silobela, Kwekwe on Friday after he refused to buy beer for two illegal miners (Makorokoza

A beer patron was attacked and left for dead in Parker village 2 Silobela, Kwekwe on Friday after he refused to buy beer for two illegal miners (Makorokoza).
Sources close to investigations allege Tedious Dube was sliced all over the body with machetes after he refused to buy beer at Masunga bar for Benjamin Kembo and David Taruvinga.
“Dube was having his super Chibuku at Masunga bar where the duo Kembo and Tarunga came with empty pints demanding beer from Dube who refused.
“When he went on the counter to purchase another beer the duo pounced on him and sliced him with machetes all over the body,” said the source. Source – Byo24News
Paul Nyathi, ZRP National Spokesperson

A 27-year-old Silobela man is on the run after reporteddly having raped and robbed thirty women in Parker, Mutimutema village.

A 27-year-old Silobela man is reported to have raped and robbed 30 women in Parker, Mutimutema village.
The suspect, Stanford Ntini Sibanda is reported to have brought untold suffering to Silobela villagers.
Apparently he is said to be currently on police wanted list and he has been elusive to the police since September 2016.
Speaking to Bulawayo24.com the village head of Parker village 2, Mr Phenious Moyo Mupandawana (85) said he does not condone crime in his village and is appealing to the public to join hands with police in apprehending Ntini.
“Ntini is a problem child he breaks into people’s houses armed with machetes rapes women and rob them of their valuables.
“We are appealing to the public to join hands with the police so that the notorious criminal is arrested.
“In my village I do not condone crime, criminals should face the wrath of law,” thundered Moyo.
Several women who were interviewed by this reporter said they live in fear since Ntini does not choose on who to pounce on and he does not use protection in his shenanigans.
Meanwhile, his accomplice Clifford Moyo is battling for life at Parirenyatwa group of hospital in Harare after he was shot by the police last month, after he disarmed and bashed police officers who were trying to arrest Ntini.
Moyo gave room for Ntini to flee while he attacked the police. However, the police finally over powered him and shot him twice while he was running away.
One police officer cheated death in the scuffle after he was strangled by Moyo and was hospitalised at Silobela general hospital for two weeks. by Simbarashe Sithole. Source – Byo24News
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