A new political party, Zimbabwe For All, launches its 2018 Presidential Election bid

Zimbabwe For All,Officially launches amid next year’s Presidential Election and seeks to partake and re assure every Fellow Zimbabwean back home and the many displaced Diasporas globally our rapid results motives.
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Zimbabwe For All seeks to make a difference  in restoring the image of our beloved Country,through rapid results initiatives in:
Economy rebuilding,
Re Valuing our Society.
Restoring of Key Corporate,Ranging from:
Housing Allowance
Community Infrastructure.
Growth Points / Urban Infrastructure Excises.
Arts,Sports & Culture Sectors
Whilst on the main objective seeks to invuldge in mainly Women & Youth related programmes by equipping every Zimbabwean despite of race or gender by seeking to promote the
Women’s League
Youth League
Self Aid/Group Projects
Business Projects Initiatives
Cultural Exchange Programmes,
Round Tables/Stokefellas
Community Societies
Business Trade/s Values & Moral Support.
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As well as many seminars & training workshops that will bring in implementing many ideas to eradicate Poverty and Gender Violence while making Zimbabwe a better Country with the Youth and Woman’s Society
So calling upon all Zimbabweans from all corners Youth/ Woman to join hands irrespective of their gender,remember,CHANGE,It starts with U & Me,
A footstep out of the door begins the Journey.
Send a WhatsApp/mail in your contact list/s,spread the word like a virus.Image may contain: 1 person, suit
Simply contact us:
Party Secretary
Ms Leatitia Vimbai Bobo
+2763 531 0447
President / Chairman
Munya Jacob Masiya
+2779 569 4640

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