ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba Threatens To Stop Mujuru Using His Party Name

ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has accused former Vice President Joice Mujuru of confusing the people by using his party names.

“For how long should we continue to swat this fly?” Shumba said.

Mujuru’s party is called Zimbabwe People First a name almost similar to ZimFirst led by Shumba.

“We currently are inundated with questions from concerned people who are confused with the names which have taken Zimbabwean politics by storm-both ZimFirst names-People First which the Mujuru Party is using and Zimbabwe First. This issue has become a big distraction to our activities,” he said.

“It’s very sad and unfortunate that she decided to come into opposition politics riding on our back.”

Shumba said their answer to those who are confused and are asking the questions surrounding the names was that ‘People First and Zimbabwe First are one and same.

“They are intellectual and legal properties of Zimbabwe First. We will stop her from using it period. The time and place to so are our choosing. We do reserve the right to act in any shape and form to stop her from riding on our back’ There you have it,” Shumba said. By Stephen Jakes.┬áSource: Byo24News

Photo-Maxwell Zeb Shumba

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