‘ZimFirst Supports Patson Dzamara’s Efforts To Trace His Abducted Brother, Itai ‘-ZimFirst Leader Shumba




ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has said his party supports the move by the abducted Itai Dzamara’s brother Patson and other fighting for him to be brought back indicating that the fight has ceased to be a family issue but has become a national problem.

Despite wide indications that the abducted democracy activist and journalist  Dzamara was an MDC-T loyalist ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has claimed that the out spoken activists was a member of his party.

“When Itai Dzamara, a proudly ZimFirster, disappeared more than a year ago, we were shocked. Back then, we were a National Convergence platform and in our political diversity we disagreed on course of action,” Shumba posted on Facebook.

“Some advocated for visible actions in the streets to push the regime to produce Itai but others pushed to continue building a political force behind the scenes that would eventually push perpetrators of human rights violations out of power.”

He said the later argued that ‘in their situation force should not be used to fight another force’ because as the old adage says, the stronger force always wins .

“We, as ZimFirst continue to support efforts of those demanding that the regime produce Itai and we commit to find justices fir Itai when the time comes. He did not commit a crime to warrant the entire regime’s state machinery’s attention,” he said.

“Produce Itai Mr Mugabe. In my numerous deliberations with Itai, Doctor Patson Patson was never mentioned so I never had the opportunity to know him first hand from Itai. Months after Itai had gone missing I took a keen interest in the actions of Doc Patson. My knowledge of him was solely from mainstream and social media. I had mixed feelings. I did not particularly know whether he was genuine or not . Some sections of the media associated him with CIO Boss Happyton Bonyongwe and this did not sit well with me.”

He said people asked me frequently what he thought of Doc Patson Dzamara.

“I could neither give his actions a pass nor fail because I had no facts. I however, raised my concerns and red flagged his alleged association with the CIO Boss. Eventually I decided to engage Doc Patson directly and find out. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Once we started talking I felt like talking to Itai once again,” he said.

“Humble and very thoughtful. Immediately all concerns and red flags disappeared. Simply put he is a sibling who has lost his loved one and deserves our support. Despite the life he is forced to live as he daily searches for his brother I was touched by the humility. Today Doc Parson is meeting with the notorious police officer Makedenge at Harare Police Station over his recent press statement on Itai’s disappearance.”

He said it’s not an invitation to cup of coffee so the Good Doc deserves people’s  utmost and unwavering support.

“Doc Patson wherever you are today please know that ZimFirst will be praying for your safety . We know from experience that the regime of Robert is brutal and for you to walk into their den, says a lot about your resolve to see the return of your brother. Officer Makedenge too has to answer the question ‘where is Itai?'” he said.

“Therefore, instead of interrogating you over your press statement, he should be telling you and all Zimbabweans where Itai is. It’s as simple as that. Be strong my young brother. We are with you in our prayers as you face these challenges. I kindly ask Zimbabweans to stand with Doc Parson in his hour of need and in his meeting with the notorious Officer Makedenge.”

Shumba said Patson’s fight for Itai’s return has ceased to be a family issue but a broad national Issue on forced disappearance and human rights violations by the Mugabe regime.

“A State should at all times guarantee the safety of all its citizens regardless of color, tribe or creed. The State should not at no time author the wanton disappearance of the citizens because of political opposition. Stay strong Doc,” he said. by Stephen Jakes. Source: Byo24News

photo-ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba

ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba Threatens To Stop Mujuru Using His Party Name


ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has accused former Vice President Joice Mujuru of confusing the people by using his party names.

“For how long should we continue to swat this fly?” Shumba said.

Mujuru’s party is called Zimbabwe People First a name almost similar to ZimFirst led by Shumba.

“We currently are inundated with questions from concerned people who are confused with the names which have taken Zimbabwean politics by storm-both ZimFirst names-People First which the Mujuru Party is using and Zimbabwe First. This issue has become a big distraction to our activities,” he said.

“It’s very sad and unfortunate that she decided to come into opposition politics riding on our back.”

Shumba said their answer to those who are confused and are asking the questions surrounding the names was that ‘People First and Zimbabwe First are one and same.

“They are intellectual and legal properties of Zimbabwe First. We will stop her from using it period. The time and place to so are our choosing. We do reserve the right to act in any shape and form to stop her from riding on our back’ There you have it,” Shumba said. By Stephen Jakes. Source: Byo24News

Photo-Maxwell Zeb Shumba

‘Mugabe Ignoring People’s Suffering’-ZimFirst Leader Maxwell Shumba

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The ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has accused President Robert Mugabe of turning a blind eye on the plight of Zimbabweans who are suffering due to escalating economic problems.Shumba said when it comes to the plight of the Zimbabwean people Robert Mugabe acts both blind and deaf.

“As his motorcade sped through the impoverished neighborhoods of Harare, Chivhu, Masvingo and the drought stricken countryside en route to Masvingo for his $1 million birthday bash he acted blind to the poverty that has struck the country. Are windows of his car tinted from the inside? The poverty is glaring.
The irony, he holds a $1million birthday party in Masvingo town, a dying city and a province worst hit by drought,” he said.

“In this dying city He will cut a 92kg birthday cake. In obscenity, he will raise a toast for 92 years of his personal good health and his personal massive wealth and 36 years of his reign of cruelty. Blind and deaf to the people’ sorrowful plight he will pop up champagne. Amid pomp and fanfare but oblivious to the reality that the country is tethering towards total wreckage and collapse. It’s callous and obscene to say the least.”

Shumba said as other Zimbabweans have rightly noted, throwing a million dollar birthday bash in such a drought-ravaged province is akin to throwing a party at a funeral, a taboo in our Zimbabwean culture.

“What creature? What monster do this?   Zimbabweans might appear to be docile but they are not fools. With certainty we know that that there is an unspoken wish at back of the minds of all those who today are wishing this man a happy birthday. The wish is simple and to the point: ‘We wish you were gone yesterday!'” he said.

“The people cannot even afford to buy a bar of soap on their own , they cannot put food on their table and throwing a $50 birthday celebration for their children is considered way too much a luxury. All because of this man and a his wife.”
Shumba said how can one man bring misery to a whole population of 12 million people and impoverish a country laden with good rich red soils, rivers, gold, platinum, iron, diamonds you name it?

“How does he sleep? His advisors, where are they ?Only cold hearted people are capable of doing this. We certainly do not wish anyone dead but unfortunately there are millions of Zimbabweans who see wishing him dead as the only option left for them to exit out of their current misery,” he said. source-Bulawayo24