‘After Chinhoyi Rock Diesel Con , Now, 1896 Skulls Repatriation From UK To Kickstart Collapsed Economy’

After Mugabe’s Zanu PF midnight barefoot dancing around a Chinhoyi cave in the false hope that diesel will suddenly flow from the rocks, the next con on the table is the repatriation of the 1896 slaughtered First Chimurenga Heroes from UK back to Zimbabwe.

Mugabe and his Zanu PF will attempt to brainwash the electorate with the usual sanctions  and liberation struggle mantra, topping it up with the cream of all cons, the century year old skulls ekuru of the first Chimurenga heroes including legendary the Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi, which are said to be stored in UK museums.


They have run out of all ‘logical excuses or  justification’ for their continued forced presence and oppression of the suffering Zimbabweans. Wake up Zimbabweans!  By Sibusiso Ngwenya.  photo-Mugabe’s Zanu PF ministers and witchdoctor at a midnight disel ceremony in Chinhoyi in the failed diesel fuel con. see more at www.newzimbabwevision.com.

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