‘Bona Is In The Middle East With Her Mum , To Deliver My Grandchild’-Mugabe

With the people’s suffering , in the back drop, Mugabe has once again proved to the nation that we are not equal. Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts, Securocrats and Cronies who mopolise wealth and power while looting national resources with impunity, have successfully collapsed Sevice Delivery in Health Care, Education, Housing, Transport and Employment leading to endless suffering by the people of Zimbabwe while they all became overnight millionaires.
Bona Mugabe like Zanu PF stalwarts, Securocrats and Cronies and their families who are sent abroad for Education and Health care, where they can get World Class Services from reputable organisations, will shortly give birth to President Robert Mugabe’s grandchild.
Mugabe made this announcement at the late heroine Victoria Chitepo’s funeral gathering telling mourners that his daughter Bonais in the Far East and about to give birth, adding that she is in the company of her mother, First lady Grace Mugabe.
The ordinary, destitute Zimbabwe is okay to access the generally expensive, inadeuately staffed and ill equipped Service Delivery in Health and Education, which, obviously is below standard for the filthy rich criminals, Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts, Securocrats and Cronies.
Wake up Zimbabwe, Mugabe and all his Zanu PF must Go!

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