‘Dark Irony As An Outspoken Firearms Advocate Jamie Gilt Is Shot By Her Four Year Old Son’.

Just hours after an outspoken United States,gun rights activist had boasted online on facebook about how ‘jacked’ up her son was, to shoot a weapon, she was, shot and wounded by her 4 year old son.
The 4 year old who was sitting in the back, managed to reach out and pick up the 45 calibre handgun, fire and injure his mum, Jamie Gilt, the Florida woman, a prominent firearms advocate in the United States, after the bullet travelled through the back seat and his mum’s body and wounding her in the abdomen.
The outspoken gun rights activist was spotted driving erratically by a police officer who came to her aid and she is now in a stable condition in hospital.
To some, such an  unfortunate incident is certainly, ‘Dark irony’, considering how prominent she is on social media with her pro gun views.
The police have said this was not a criminal act but rather an accidental shooting. There are public concerns about, whether or not the mother had safely secured and stored the gun in the back. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-aunews-The mother is a social media activist and frequently posts images and messages about firearms on her social media accounts. Source: Facebook/Jamie Gilt.

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