Gutu Villager (28) Murders Dad (54) With Mattock ,Over ‘Insufficient Food Portion’

A MAN from Gutus Chief Makore area fatally struck his father with a mattock following a misunderstanding over a small portion of isitshwala that his mother had served him, police have confirmed

Renias Zembo, 28, of Zembo Village, went behind their kitchen hut a few minutes after finishing eating his food and came back armed with a mattock.

Without warning, he struck his father Wilson Zembo, 54, on the forehead and he died on the spot Masvingo police said the incident occurred on Saturday at around 7PM just after Renias had finished having supper.

Masvingo Police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula said the murder suspect was not known to have a history of mental illness.

“I can confirm receiving a report about a Gutu man who struck his father to death using a mattock. The accused has no history of mental illness. He was arrested and is assisting police with investigations,” said Insp Mazula.

Chief Makore said Renias went berserk and struck his father on the forehead alleging that he had not been given enough food.

He said when his mother, Tambudzai Mafuratirwa, 54, attempted to intervene, Renias also charged at her threatening to kill her.

Chief Makore said the man’s mother and father did not take heed of his complaints over food and continued to have their meal

Armed with a mattock, Chief Makore said Renias charged towards his father ordering him to get out of the house but he remained seated

“When he was still trying to get the sense of his son’s actions, Renias lifted his weapon before striking him on the forehead and he died on the spot Mafuratirwa then screamed while attempting to intervene but was also threatened with death and she ran away,” he said

A villager, Mutamuri Charumbira, 37, rushed to the scene after hearing screams. He called the police who found Renias still at the homestead and he was arrested – by Walter Mswazie. Source-bulawayo24.

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