‘I say it three times so that you won’t forget it, Mr President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, f*@k you’- Acie Lumumba



FORMER Zanu PF Harare youth leader Acie Lumumba yesterday unleashed a volley of unprintable expletives at President Robert Mugabe, accusing his government of policy bankruptcy.

Addressing a Press conference following the launch of his party, Viva Zimbabwe, Lumumba threw diplomatic etiquette through the window and dared Mugabe for a bare-knuckle fight.

“As a political force capable of driving change or implementing policy, it (Zanu PF) is now bankrupt,” he said, adding the ruling party was “too tainted by scandal, corruption and cronyism to be able to represent the younger generation”

“So, here is the red line (that nobody can ever cross): Mr President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, f*@k you. I have drawn the line. Our kids are in trouble. It’s a red line I know, and my name is Lumumba. I say it three times so that you won’t forget it,” he said.

Lumumba said he was not afraid of what would happen to him after the rant, but warned that Mugabe’s children would also suffer a similar fate after the President was gone.

“Come and get me. But here is the thing about getting me: I am someone’s child, a war veteran’s child,” he said.

“You can touch me, but I hope you live longer, because God forbid, something happens to you and you leave your kids. I am not making threats, this is not a threat . . . they can keep doing this, but one thing they must never forget is when they go, they leave their kids and they will be in trouble.”

The former Zanu PF activist accused top Zanu PF officials of using State security agents to crush dissenting voices whenever the government has been faulted.

“They have committed all manner of evil and come to hide behind their (security services) protection. Yet look at the lives of ordinary security men,” he said.

The youthful activist left the ruling party under a cloud after he was accused of abusing public funds.

Meanwhile, police last night said they wanted to question him for allegedly undermining the President.

Also, a civic society group known as Voices in the Vision for Africa Zimbabwe (Viva Zimbabwe) has filed an urgent High Court application seeking to stop Lumumba from using Viva Zimbabwe as his party name.

The group claims Lumumba stole their organisation’s name, adding they coined it in 2001.

The leader of the group, Nqobile Moyo, said Viva Zimbabwe is a non-political organisation representing youths. source-newsday

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