‘MDC T Demonstration, Was A High Sounding, Useless Political Statement’-People’s Democratic Party (PDP)

Tendai Biti’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has slammed last week’s MDC-T demonstration held in Harare as a high sounding but useless political statement, which did not improve people’s lives.

Morgan Tsvangirai led his party’s demonstration on Thursday calling for the removal of President Mugabe, despite the fact that his constitutional term is yet to be concluded.

In an interview on Friday after a meeting in Bulawayo chaired by Biti, PDP deputy secretary-general Tongai Matutu said his party was directing its energies towards crafting sound policies instead of making political noise.

He said the MDC-T demonstration was meaningless as it did not provide solutions for struggling Zimbabweans.

“All what has been happening is that we’ve seen ‘mobocracy’ is taking place. The people using the critical masses as a basis upon which they take advantage of political power, but we believe that providing answers to solutions to the country is more critical than to gather 20000 people and subsequently gain nothing from that gathering,” said Mr Matutu.

“If you are going to call for (President) Mugabe to go, will he go after the march or after any other political gathering? Those are the issues if you’re to make any post-mortem of any particular gathering or any event. It should be measured by the results it achieved there- after.”

He said PDP is set to make its political presence felt as it was still working on its structures at ward level.

“We’re here and here for good. We’re not a second class political party. We’re a vanguard party and what we mean by a vanguard party is that we’re going to influence decisions proportionate to our size. We’re going to find solutions to issues that the nation is grappling with,” he said. Source: the herald

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