Military-backed owner of Sakunda Holdings Tagwirei paid RTGS$200,000 or US$33,000) for Mnangagwa’s scarf on Wednesday night

ZIMBABWE’S MILITARY BACKED OWNER OF SAKUNDA HOLDINGS Kudakwashe Tagwirei paid RTGS$200,000 or US$33,000) for Mnangagwa’s signed scarf on Wednesday night.
The scarf, a Zimbabwe flag that Mnangagwa frequently wears in public, has the colours of the Zimbabwe national flag, once the pride of the nation but now a symbol of the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf oppression.

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To many people it is an identity mark of the corruption, crime, oppresion and heartlessness amongts the filthy rich Zimbabweans who amassed wealth from looting the nation’s resources and inflicting untold suffering and pain amongst the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. The national flag carries shame of the arbitrary arrests, forced exiling of journalists, activists, corruption, hunger, lack of Service Delivery in health care, education, transport, employment, electricity , water and numerous areas that affect the lives of the ordinary people.

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These include girl child , equality, good governance, accountability, voting , lack of clean water as we already know that the capital Harare has raw sewage delivered directly to the people in water taps, fresh from Lake Chivero.
When you see that flag flown by activists world wide, its to say, this is Zimbabwe, please remeber the suffering inflicted by the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime.

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Lest you forget, the filthy rich military-backed owner of Sakunda Holdings Kudakwashe Tagwirei, is amongst the richest Zimbabweans after Mnangagwa who is known to be Zimbabwe’s richest individual.

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Kudakwashe Tagwirei, is referred to as ‘Queen Bee’ running the fuel cartel and directing Zimbabweans economy, having funded the Zanu pf. Mnangagwa militarised regime Command Agriculture Scheme.

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Tagwirei is the Zimbabwe militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime Command Agriculture benefactor who recently, reportedly splashed out millions of US dollars on luxury vehicles for President Emmerson Mnangagwa,Vice presidents , Constantino Chiwenga, Kembo Mohadi, their spouses and several other senior Zimbabwe militarised Mnangagwa regime officials when he reportedly bought top-of-the-range Lexus vehicles for Mnangagwa, First Lady Auxillia, Vice president Chiwenga and his wife, Marry,Vice President Mohadi, while several senior Zimbabwe Zanu pf regime officials received V8 Toyota Land Cruisers as the Zimbabwe nation approached the hotly disputed 30 July 2018 elections which Mnangagwa and his militarised Zanu PF won, while the military shot and killed many people in Harare in broad daylight.

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According to reports the vehicles were imported under the government’s troubled Command Agriculture scheme therefore reportedly exempted from paying import duty to the Zimra government tax department.
Sakunda Petroleum, which has a 50-50 partnership with Trafigura, a Singaporean company, is owned by Tagwirei.Sakunda reportedly holds vast interests in the fuel business world wide. Tagwirei reportedly also imported three Lexus vehicles for himself, along with two of his business allies.
An ar

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my Brigadier-General, who represents the Zimbabwe military in the Command Agriculture scheme received a top-of-the-range vehicle, while several twin-cab trucks imported from South Africa, which were allocated to several officials in various government ministries.
The beneficiaries were ‘blessed’ a few days before the death of Tagwirei’s father. Remember his death, brought the militarised Zimbabwe Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, Parliament business to a virtual standstill when the Presidium and government ministers dashed to the Tagwirei family burial.
That in itself was the biggest clue to how powerful Tagwirei is, and how much influence he holds over the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime’s top echelons of power.
The president, Emmerson Mnangagwa first used his white Lexus vehicle at the funeral of Chiwenga’s sister just two weeks before the death of Tagwirei’s father, even though the President, his Vice presidents Chiwenga and Mohadi all have government service vehicles.
What also left the Zimbabwe public perplexed even further is that two people who have no government positions, namely First Lady Auxillia Manangagwa and Vice presidents Chiwenga’s wife, Marry who both have no place or authority in the Command Agriculture scheme both received the luxury vehicles.
It is also reported that the Command Agriculture is a government programme which is funded through Treasury Bills, contrary to wide spread claims that the Tagwirei, the Sakunda boss funded the project. can reveal that Tagwirei according to former Minister of finance Tendai Biti, reportedly financed the Command Agriculture programme , for over US$500 million.
Tagwirei was then paid back through Treasury Bills in an arrangement which former Finance minister Tendai Biti was adamant that its a parallel scheme and the beginning of State capture.
The controversial former Zanu PF youth leader, William “Acie Lumumba” Mutumanje, spoke about the cat among the pigeons, saying that some businesspeople had captured the state, clearly a claim directed at Tagwirei.
No one in their right frame of mind can deny, that Tagwirei as cited, is the main reason why Zimbabwe’s domestic debt has continued to skyrocket at the expense of the majority struggling Zimbabwe taxpayers.
Tagwirei, is said to be the main Zanu PF benefactor , who has also been awarded numerous controversial government deals, which include the Dema diesel power project, where the mogul bought over 50 vehicles for many Zanu PF officials, with many more due to be delivered to the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime soon.
INFORMATION IS POWER!-Fear not, where ever you are , I say, we the people of Zimbabwe , do not realise the power in us. We should all rally into the streets peacefully in protest against the failed economy, militarised mnangagwa Zanu pf regime and destabilise the oppresive regime.
We need to make Zimbabwe ungovernable, force Mnangagwa to sit down with all opposition, civic leaders and interested parties in the presence of international observers, the AU, SADC, EU and media included to address the out of control decline of Zimbabwe’s economy.
It is important that a transition people government made up of key elements included above, less the military and security, should immediately take over the running of Zimbabwe and stabilise the nation until a credible, free and fair general election is conducted within a year of this transition.
Zimbabwe cannot move forward when individuals who have become filthy rich through numerous clandestine means including corruption, cartels, capital flight, and much more unlisted issues are allowed to pull the strings and run the now clearly ‘puppet militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, continue to loot unabated.
We need to rise up in absolute defiance to oppressive authority now and force Mnangagwa to step down and hand over the state to the people then we can resume our fights amongst ourselves in a democratic manner in a free and fair election in a year’s time. Going out into the streets must be about the future of all our children all tribes, races, religions, political orientation, gender, religion and other including all opposition and ruling party members.
The crisis is not about any opposition party or leader, its about Zimbabweans, lets unite and deal with the common enemy in a united Alliance as, leaving the current mess in place any longer, will lead to a worse crisis than the 37 years under the deposed former president Mugabe as we can already see from what is happening on the ground. The only solution is to destabilise Zimbabwe peacefully, shut down Zimbabwe and make the nation ungovernable, don’t back down whatsoever. The eyes of the International world, all media and Western Democracies. International funders, World Bank, UN and G7 are all forcused on Zimbabwe, so, to our advantage, the already discredited militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime cannot resort to violence against the people, besides, either way, whether you act or don’t act you will die, so why not die trying peacefully!
whatever you know about, just give us the facts, names, figures, events, people involved, why, how, when it happened, who else knows, what have they done about it, what are they attempting to silence whether by threats, harassment, dismissal, abuse, victimisation or some other subtle mechanism of instilling fear upon you, just tell us what you know and we will fearlessly expose everything and protect your name, whether directly on our platforms or in collaboration with sister media organisations whom we frequently exchange information with.
We at, are here for everyone and are not bothered about how rich or powerful anyone, any organisation or nation are, when it comes to Information dissemination through our global network of sister companies in Information dissemination. If you know something, tell us what you know, and we will splash it rightly across all our media platforms and reach far corners you’d never dream of on this globe. Let us do the damage,..thats how we roll!
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