“Mugabe Phuma, Ngena Tsvangirai.” Bulawayo MDC-T March Photos And Updates

[12:06, 28/5/2016] : MDC T supporters have arrived at the Northend square, where the address is scheduled to take place

1223: Abednico Bhebhe is the MC

1230: MDC T Leadership led by Vice President Thokozani Khuphe goes to the stage. MDC T Party Chairman Lovemore Moyo is also present.

1232: Bhebhe says Zimbabweans are sick for allowing Mugabe to lead them.

1240: MDC  T introduces national executive committee members.

1241: Doglous Mwonzora takes to the stage and chants anti-Mugabe slogans. Says “Mugabe phuma, ngena Tsvangirai.”

1243: Mwonzora reports that Morgan Tsvangirai is on his way.

1244: Ex-Zanu PF stalwart Themba Mliswa also here.

1245: ZCTU also represented by its members.

1246: Mliswa says his party YARD supports the demand for the country’s missing $15 Billion.

1249: Mwonzora says the number of people (about 2000) shows the support which the MDC-T has in the country. He says people were neither forced or bused to come like what Zanu PF does.

1250: Mwonzora thanks supporters for conducting a peaceful demo.

1251: MDC  T introduces MDC-T vice chairman Morgan Komichi.

1252: MDC-T VP Khuphe about to address the crowd.

1253: Bulawayo provincial chair Gift Banda has also been introduced.

1306: Moyo takes to the stage. Says MDC-T is ready to rule and claims that the demo is an indication of power.

1306: He says Zanu PF supporters who gathered in Harare are foolish. –

1307: Khuphe who came as the acting president takes to the stage and greets the crowd. He says the venue is where the Ndebele’s Inxwala celebrations used to take place hence their gathering symbolises victory.

1308: Khuphe reports that Tsvangirai who has been ill is now recovering.

1309: She says the Zanu PF march was a march against itself (Zanu PF).

1310: She says the destiny of the country is in their hands (MDC-T). She also says her party’s position on bond notes is a NO!

1311: She claims that the missing US$15 billion was stolen under the guise of indigenisation.

More to follow…By Stephen Jakes. Source: Byo24News

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