Mugabe’s Promises Are Cheap Politicking To Silence Disillusioned War Vets


President Robert Mugabe’s critics have dismissed as cheap politicking his claims that he would relinquish power anytime if his party or the people of Zimbabwe told him to. The long-ruling leader condemned colleagues fighting for his position, saying he was still firmly in charge.

Mugabe said, “I am there at the mercy of the people. If the people say go, I go; the party, I go. But if the people say we still want you, I stay. Let’s get organised, let us not bother ourselves with succession and things like that.”

His ruling Zanu-PF party is currently battling factionalism as warring formations angle to take control of the party and subsequently government in the case of the 92-year-old stepping aside. Political commentator Brilliant Mhlanga opined that Mugabe was simply bluffing and has no desire to leave office.

Mugabe has in the past complained that war veterans want him to step down before the end of his term. Source: The Standard

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