Nkomo, Tsvangirai, Tomana & Mujuru Treatment Signify Mugabe’s Disturbing Paranoia

The recent arrest of Zimbabwe’s Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana, on accusations of allowing for the granting of bail for two men accused of intending to bomb Mugabe’s dairy, brings back the debate over the nine-two year old President’s paranoia.This is not the first time that Mugabe has thrown accusations of attempts on his life – accusations that he has always failed to prove.

In the early 1980s, Mugabe went on the rampant, sending his North Korean trained Fifth Brigade, to butcher tens of thousands of innocent civilians, mostly Ndebele, after accusing the then leader of the main opposition ZAPU Joshua Nkomo of trying to oust his government and assassinate Mugabe.

This led to Nkomo fleeing the country to the United Kingdom, where he sought asylum.

However, these accusations against Nkomo were never substantiated, and he was charged.

After the 1987 unity accord, Nkomo was appointed Zimbabwe’s Vice President, and Mugabe, who was Prime Minister, became the Executive President.

As if this paranoia was not enough, Mugabe accused the leader of the current main opposition in Zimbabwe (the MDC) Morgan Tsvangirai of trying to assassinate him in the early 2000s.

Mugabe based his accusations on a poorly recorded and frankly funny video, in which Tsvangirai was merely asked by some Canadian consultant what would happen if Mugabe was eliminated.

Tsvangirai was arrested, but the State failed in its case, albeit after subjecting him to torture whilst he was still in custody.

The latest in the long lost of Mugabe paranoid accusation now includes the expelled Zimbabwe Vice President Joice Mujuru.

In 2013, she was accused of plotting to oust Mugabe from the presidency, as well as assassinate him.

This led to her subsequent expulsion from ZANU PF and the government.

However, more than a year later, she has not been charged for this alleged plot to assassinate and topple Mugabe.

So what is going on with the aged Zimbabwean leader?

Is he deliberately making these false accusations just so as to silence his opponents, or is he genuinely suffering from paranoia?

It is very difficult to know exactly what is going on, but the signs a clear that he has a serious problem that requires urgent help.

Paranoia is classified as a mental disorder in which a person has delusions; and abnormal tendency to mistrust others.

Is this not a serious cause for concern for all Zimbabweans to have such a president?

Zimbabweans have a right to demand that the President undergoes evaluation.

As the situation stands today, the country has a very dangerous President, and its dangerous for the people. by Peace Marangwanda

Source- Peace Marangwanda -UK-based activist.

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