‘REMEMBER we’ve been told before, Mugabe, Chamisa are God given leaders,..now Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga says Zanu pf is God’s creation and ordained to remain in power until eternity’-wake up Zimbabwe!

Vice-President , Rtd Gen Constantino Chiwenga told mourners gathered at the burial of fuel mogul Kudakwashe Tagwirei’s father, Phineas, in Shurugwi, Zimbabwe. Chiwenga claimed that the Zanu pf ruling party will win with a resounding victory in the harmonised 2018 general elections.
Chiwenga said “Zanu-PF is the party that was put by God on this earth and should, therefore, continue ruling this country,” he said.
“In a few months’ time, we are going to finish business (in elections) and Zimbabwe should then move forward.”
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Because www.newzimbabwevision.com is an information dissemination service to the people, irrespective of race, tribe, colour and religion, here fot the people to denate on issues that directly affect their lives and future and leave them ready to make more informed choices and decisions such as voting, our media platforms are not here to please any side. We will continue to regularly publish the truth as its revealed about any and all opposition or ruling party member’s actions, activities, utternances or other , without fear or favour and many will make noise, and other childish responses,but that only fuels the drive to keep people more informed and FYI, the media thrive on exposing the truth..its all in a day’s work,..Wake up Zimbabwe,…Lets go!
People must realise that the chaos and corruption in Zimbabwe was deliberately created to allow the criminal Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwart, securocrat and military regime to amass corruptly gained wealth, such as mines, multiple farms, businesses ,and so forth while the people became destitute..
These criminals have amassed millions of US$ in wealth and much as we don’t like them, they prefer to have Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats stay in power, rather than risk losing their farms and loot to a constitutional government that would prosecute them for past crimes and genocides and pursue all their stolen wealth local and abroad.
In other words, if you thought Zanu pf are going soon as easily as that,…think again! Wake up Zimbabwe,..you need a plan,…..fast! Lets work together rather than fight amongst ourselves. A military regime will not lose to a ballot,..they are ruthless enough to force themselves into power by any means necessary including violence, genocide and other,..case in point 2008 elections,…the military stole the people’s vote,..wake up Zimbabwe!
One way of unseating a military regime is , for the MDC ALLIANCE to sit down with Mnangagwa, the Generals including JOC and acknowledging that they did well by fighting for independance and liberating Zimbabweans, and thanking them for land redistribution, blck empowerment, assuring that that lan d redistribution, will not be reversed and only proper land autit exercises will be done to allow, multiple farm ownership to be removed and that land redistributed to deserving people on the waiting list.
These people are guilty of crimes against humanity including gukurahundi, murambatsvina, Chiadzwa , 2008 election violence, and murderous white farmer evictions. They will therefore seek assurances including immunity from prosecution for past crimes, just like what they gave Mugabe, assurance that they will not be stripped of their farms, houses and businesses, secure hefty pensions and heroes acre burial sites amongst other things.
They may still push for underhand positions such as advisory roles to the democratic government, but unless and until, these people are guaranteed such measures, no vote will ever remove them. Its only a settlement agreement or an outright war that can shift the balance of power, but we all don’t want violence, so in order to move Zimbabwe forward, the opposition ,must work out an amicable way forward with the army and stop dreaming that they will remove these people with the ballot. If anything, they are simply going to legitimise another five year Zanu pf stalwart, Mnangagwa securocrat, military and securocrat term in office, therefore stop wasting the people’s time and remove the army with a settlement, then we can all move forward.
Only fools would fail to realise that, the Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwart and securocrat regime are not going to give democrats the country on a silver platter. The message was clear, ‘Operation Restore Legitimacy’ brought them back into full control, having actually fought for Zimbabwe and liberated it as Zanu pf, and therefore, a progressive opposition like the MDC Alliance E needs to negotiate with these people.
They fought for our liberation from the racist Rhodesian Ian Smith government, then just about four decades later, freed us again from the oppressive Mugabe’s rule, therefore instead of walking us into an election where we know, its skerwered in Zanu pf favour, basically going there to legitimise their leadership, lets think outside the box. Remember , mugabe, always warned you, the bullet is mightier than the pen, and he had the backing of these same people and their ruthless tactics to stay in power, all behind him.
Think about Zimbabwe’s future, hold talks and give and take negotiations, and ultimately grant them safe exit, immunity from prosecution over past crimes against humanity, safety of their illgotten wealth, farms, businesses, mines, game reserves and other, and allow them to live in peace and with dignity. Thats the only way, we can quickly turn around Zimbabwe’s downfall and move the nation forward, basically, yo have to lose something in order to win big,..wake up Zimbabwe!
Instead of Chamisa threatening to shut down Zimbabwe, he must demand Electoral reforms to be put in place, including demilitarisation of rural areas, opeing up of rural areas to opposition and activists, and voter education, liberating the media space dominated by state propaganda channels such as ZBC, bring in the UN, AU, EU and SADC election observers to monitor the elections, be transparent on the ballot printing, demilitarise Zec and other institutions, basically send the army back to barracks.
Zimbabwe is a small rich nation full of power hungry politicians. Its sad that people do not realise the true politics at play, case in point, is it normal to everyone that the MDC leader Welshman ncube and PDP leader tendai Biti, are continuously silent while Chamisa, time after time throws himself on the frontline and issues ridiculous statements, including a few days ago allegedly offering to marry his sister off to Mnangagwa, aclaim that has infuriated women, gender groups and women’s rights groups, who say it demonstrates the total lack of respect for women, gender and equality issues by Chamisa.
The point however, is that, the silence by the other two leaders is quite disconcerting because to the Discerning eye, it appears like they simply want him to destroy himself and effectively reshape their political prowess and relaunch themselves back into full power, when he has shot himself in the foot. Chamisa must demand all the changes listed above to be put into place, before walking the MDC Alliance into the election, as there is no rush for elections, lets get everything set up properly first.
Why are Tendai Biti, and Welshman Ncube who in 2013 were vocal about the need for Electoral reforms including issues I have mentioned, before any election could be held, but the late Richard Morgan Tsvangirai , just like Nelson Chamisa right now, only wanted to get into the state house, and even though, these opposition leaders and SADC had warned against participating in a flawed election exercise, Tsvangirai went on, and we all know what happened,…he lost dismally! Its time people, employ a proper analysis of the reality before them and stop throwing tantrums and abuse, but rather discuss issues in aprogressive manner and demand accountability by the MDC ALLIANCE, which is, if you want our votes, them meet us half way and press for them,..NO REFORMS NO ELECTION! DISCUSS! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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