MDC T CIRCUS CONTINUES AS HIGH PROFILE former ZBC presenter Eric Knight , waves ‘Goodbye MDC T’ and joins Zanu-PF’s structures in the United Kingdom

MDC T woes continue daily ever since the death of the founder Richard Morgan Tsvangira in February, with leadership disputes, Khuphe faction , court battles, and now we know that NewZimbabwe, has been advised by the ruling Zanu pf party that the former ZBC presenter, Eric Knight has joined the party and they even stated “don’t be surprised to see him deployed publicly soon”.
Eric Knight’s capture and change, has reportedly been a pleasant event for Zanu-PF’s UK chairman Nick Mangwana .
Mangwana reportedly stated that “I can confirm Cde Eric Knight is now a member of the Zanu-PF and has joined the structures in the UK,” The wave by Eric Knight was previously seen as an MDC T symbol but at this point in time, Eric has expressed his freedom of association and democratic right to choose which party to follow, and therefore it it looks like its his signature wave,..’Goodbye MDC T,..hellooo Zanu,….Im out, ..the General has left the building! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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