‘Mugabe Ignoring People’s Suffering’-ZimFirst Leader Maxwell Shumba

The ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has accused President Robert Mugabe of turning a blind eye on the plight of Zimbabweans who are suffering due to escalating economic problems.Shumba said when it comes to the plight of the Zimbabwean people Robert Mugabe acts both blind and deaf.

“As his motorcade sped through the impoverished neighborhoods of Harare, Chivhu, Masvingo and the drought stricken countryside en route to Masvingo for his $1 million birthday bash he acted blind to the poverty that has struck the country. Are windows of his car tinted from the inside? The poverty is glaring.
The irony, he holds a $1million birthday party in Masvingo town, a dying city and a province worst hit by drought,” he said.

“In this dying city He will cut a 92kg birthday cake. In obscenity, he will raise a toast for 92 years of his personal good health and his personal massive wealth and 36 years of his reign of cruelty. Blind and deaf to the people’ sorrowful plight he will pop up champagne. Amid pomp and fanfare but oblivious to the reality that the country is tethering towards total wreckage and collapse. It’s callous and obscene to say the least.”

Shumba said as other Zimbabweans have rightly noted, throwing a million dollar birthday bash in such a drought-ravaged province is akin to throwing a party at a funeral, a taboo in our Zimbabwean culture.

“What creature? What monster do this?   Zimbabweans might appear to be docile but they are not fools. With certainty we know that that there is an unspoken wish at back of the minds of all those who today are wishing this man a happy birthday. The wish is simple and to the point: ‘We wish you were gone yesterday!'” he said.

“The people cannot even afford to buy a bar of soap on their own , they cannot put food on their table and throwing a $50 birthday celebration for their children is considered way too much a luxury. All because of this man and a his wife.”
Shumba said how can one man bring misery to a whole population of 12 million people and impoverish a country laden with good rich red soils, rivers, gold, platinum, iron, diamonds you name it?

“How does he sleep? His advisors, where are they ?Only cold hearted people are capable of doing this. We certainly do not wish anyone dead but unfortunately there are millions of Zimbabweans who see wishing him dead as the only option left for them to exit out of their current misery,” he said. source-Bulawayo24

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