‘The Zimbabwe Republic Police Act Like A Zanu PF Security Wing’. – MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora

The MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora has accused the Zimbabwe Republic Police of acting as if they are the security department of the ruling Zanu PF afrt6er they attempted to block the Bulawayo schedule party’s mass protest.

“Once again the MDC-T had to seek the intervention of the courts for it to proceed with the Bulawayo chapter of the march against Poverty and Corruption. As much faced with a notice for a peaceful march the Police predictably sought to ban it,” he said. “In doing this the Police acted typically as the security Department of a timid Zanu PF. Ironically, when Zanu PF arranged the so called one million man march, against itself the Police were loudly silent. The MDC T has drawn the line in the sand: Never again shall we allow discrimination of a black people by a black government. We shall jealously guard our constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully.”

He said  those who stand in our way will be prevailed upon.

“Our march is against the endemic and debilitating poverty to which Zimbabweans have been consigned by this evil regime. It is a march against the theft of our $15 billion by the state officials and their criminal associates. It is also a march against the cancerous scourge of corruption afflicting our state and its administration,” Mwonzora said. “Zimbabwe probably has the highest unemployment rate on earth and yet this government promised 2,2 million jobs three years ago. We demand these jobs. Black Zimbabweans like Patrick Nabanyana, Itayi Dzamara and others remain missing in a country led by a black government.”

He said they demand that government distinguishes itself from that of Ian Smith.

“To add insult to injury in an effort to mop up the little US dollars that Zimbabweans are holding in the economy the government has conceived this evil plan to introduce the bond notes. The currency black market, spurred by the government big wigs with unlimited access to bond notes will again flourish. In this way, the ruling party wants to fund its violent campaign in 2018. Zimbabweans shall not stand idly. Together we will resist this evil: we shall overcome. Victory is certain,” Mwonzora said.by Stephen Jakes.Source: Byo24News

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