#ThisFlag FOUNDER EVAN MAWARIRE says the Mnangagwa Zanu pf militarised regime has been sending state security agents to his place of residence.

#ThisFlag FOUNDER EVAN MAWARIRE says theMnangagwa Zanu pf militarised regime has been sending state security agents to his place of residence.

He state this in response to the Minister of Home Affairs Cain Mathema’s warning that Zimbabwe’s state agents will crush any protests that are being planned by the opposition parties.

Mawariwe tweeted “We just can not build like this! Same old threats that Obert Mpofu and Ignatius Chombo the recent Ministers of home affairs used. We will not tolerate this blatant disregard of our sacred right to protest peacefully. HATIKUTYEI, we are not afraid of u.Please stop sending your boys to my place.” Mawarire said

According to Cain Mathema on Tuesday , he said, “We are aware that there are some political leaders and civil organisations that are agitating for the unseating of the constitutionally elected Government of Zimbabwe through demonstrations.

www.newzimbabwevision.com says ZIMBABWE, RISE UP AGAINST OPPRESSIVE AUTHORITY NOW! -The removal of Mugabe was of no significance. You will not reap any benefit from it until, as a nation you wake up to the numerous warnings over the years to the people of Zimbabwe, that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s right hand man for over 50 years.

Mnangagwa, was directly involved in gukurahundi, murambatsina, 2008 election violence, Chiadzwa, numerous Zanu pf murders of Zanu pf, opponents, the electorate, violence , 2018 election genocides and directly responsible for the endless suffering which has led to the forced exile of Zimbabweans worldwide including Professor Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao, ongoing corruption, Queen Bee and RBZ Mangudya corruption which have all collapsed the nation, led to unlimited suffering.

The removal of Mugabe and his replacement by Mugabe was simply bringing younger blood, just a clone of Mugabe. The only way forward is for Zimbabwe to defy Mnangagwa and his militarised Zanu pf regime and force them out through making the system ungovernable. Its either we act now or live through another five years of suffering at the hands of the filthy rich criminal Zanu pf regime.

On Friday 9/11/18, Zimbabwe’s teachers will take to the streets and protest against poor wages and the collapsed economy in Zimbabwe. Let us all remember that , its not the teachers suffering alone but all Zimbabweans especially the ordinary. Irrespective of whether you are employed or most likely not at all, this is a day to join the masses in a show of force that will go out globally for all to see that all is not well in Zimbabwe.

Fear will not bring change, guns cannot silence the masses. A strong show of force will shift the balance of power from our oppressors and bring many to the people’s defence. We need to shake the corrupt Mnangagwa, militarised Zanu pf empire, by striking at the core of its heart, with the protests in Harare on Friday and when the fire of resistance ignites, let it spread and roll out uncontrollably nationwide. You don’t act, you will suffer, if you act you will suffer but at the same time, victory will bring relief as the empire collapses.Wake up Zimbabwe! More news to follow. share this and spread the gospel of resistance to oppression,..fight the power now!
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