‘Tsvangirai has always been violent’ -Rufaro Mufundirwa

Mr Tsvangirai is of a violent disposition and that culture has been unfortunately adopted by the majority of his supporters, especially the gullible youths. In most cases where Zanu PF and MDC-T youths clash, the later would have provoked the fight. It’s unfortunate that those who have assigned themselves the duty of monitoring political violence in Zimbabwe chooses to be blind when it’s the MDC-T that is on the wrong side. Selective monitoring, it is.

The recent disclosure of Tsvangirai’s involvement in the attack of members who were opposed to the nomination of Gift Banda as a provincial chairperson was made in the court, leaving no shred of doubt. Nonetheless Jestina Mukoko and her Zimbabwe Peace Project chose to be mum on this gross violation of human rights.  It is only violence when it involves Zanu PF.

Tsvangirai prides himself of championing democracy in Zimbabwe. His party is viewed as a democratic movement but the principal does not live democracy. As we know democracy in its truest sense, a citizen has the democratic right to vote or chose a political candidate of his or her choice. The victims had a democratic right to object to the nomination of Gift Banda as their provincial chairperson. That is the essence of elections in a democracy.

For the 17 years that Tsvangirai has been in the political game, he has earned himself fame in violence and philandering. History is teeming with incidents where party members were attacked while Tsvangirai winked at.

Elton Mangoma, Tsvangirai’s erstwhile senior lieutenant was nearly killed by rowdy MDC-T youths while he (Tsvangirai) watched. His only crime was to suggest a leadership renewal. It was unfortunate that Mangoma thought since his former party claims to be a democratic movement, it genuinely upholds same.

Even journalists have not been spared the brutality of the man who dreams of leading this country. Readers probably still remember the demonstrations by Sunningdale residents against Tsvangirai’s imposition of candidates. An Independent reporter, Hebert Moyo who was covering the demonstrations was butchered by the youths in the full glare of Tsvangirai.

There is also Watson Ufumeli, a photographer with the defunct Zimbabwe Mail newspaper who was also battered by MDC-T youths at a rally in Tsvangirai’s presence.

Tsvangirai has already shown the nation that worse is to come if he becomes the president of this nation, worse still when the security will be under his authority. I foresee a situation where he will ban both internal and national elections so as to safeguard his throttlehold on power. Forewarned is forearmed. – By Rufaro Mufundirwa. Source-By024

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