‘Zanu PF Matebeleland Victory Comes With Upsurge In Unemployment Nationwide’-Discent Collins Bajila

MDC led by Welshman Ncube’s member Discent Collins Bajila has said the inroads gained by Zanu PF winning most parts of Matabeleland South and now gaining seats in Bulawayo has come with an upsurge in the joblessness in the country.

Bajila said on 12 October 2015 it marked a full decade since the split of MDC. “The dream of a prosperous Zimbabwe was deferred,” he said.

“Today (12 October) ZANU ( PF ) has full control of Matebeleland South, enjoys a majority in Matebeleland North and Midlands and suddenly has seats in Bulawayo and Harare. The electoral resurgence of ZANU (PF ) has come with more joblessness, powerlessness, longer dryness of water tapes, teacher less ness of our schools, drug less ness of our health institutions and wild corruption. The solution to these challenges lay and still lies in the unification of the working people, the peasants and youths.”

He said this is the ideal that our generation ought to look forward to building when the 2018 drama comes to an end.

“Politics should once again be about bread and butter issues and not disputed liberation credentials, exposition of bed mates and the kind of language now synonymous with Grace Mugabe,” he said.

This come after over 30 000 people lost their jobs after the Supreme Court on July 17 which granted employers permission to fire workers on three months notice. by Stephen Jakes

Photo- Discent Collins Bajila Zanu-PF. Source: Byo24News

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