‘Gvt’s Failure To Rescue 32 Zimbabwean Women Stranded In Kuwait, Is A National Embarrasment’-MDC

The Government’s shameful failure to assist in the return of 32 Zimbabwean women stranded in Kuwait, effectively condemning them to an unbearable existence in a foreign land is an embarrassment to the nation.

Just recently President Mugabe just got back from one of his costly global jaunts in New York for a debate on SDGs where he took with him an entourage of no less than 20 people, gobbling up thousands of dollars. Surely if government can afford to blow $20 million in less than 6 months on President Mugabe’s wasteful and useless trips abroad, it can afford to set aside $12 000 for a worthwhile cause to bring back the women stranded in Kuwait.

It is a shock that up to now no plan whatsoever had been put in place to try and rescue these women, who are in the predicament they are in as a result of the very government’s failure to manage the economy, turning them into paupers in their own country. A government that fails to assist its citizens and ensure their safety when they are facing such grave danger is a useless one.

Meanwhile President Mugabe and his ZANU PF bigwigs are living lavishly while the majority wallow in poverty. Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko is still living it up in a luxury hotel more than one year since his appointment, gobbling up thousands of dollars a month. Honestly we wonder how these so called leaders sleep at night.

The failure to rescue the women in Kuwait is a shame that rubber stamps Robert Mugabe’s legacy of failure, gluttony and cold heartedness. By Kurauone Chihwayi MDC Spokesperson

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