‘Brutalise The Public-No Charge! Assault Fellow Riot Cop Over 25 cents Change-7 Years Jail’

David Mamvura, 22, a  Fairbridge Barracks police officer, certainly rues the day he lost his cool against a fellow officer  with a brick on the head.

On the 22 of December  Mamvura lost it after Zimba who had been given US$1  advised him the bar maid did not have 25 cents change for opaque beer, subsequently assaulting Zimba with two bricks even though Zimba managed to obtain the 25 cents change from the bar maid after  seeing his colleague’s anger.

A Bulawayo regional magistrate, Mark Dzira was not amused at all that a Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) could lose it and effectively tarnish the ‘image ‘ of the police force,…no that the public think highly of the ruthless black boots or riot police force in which they are employed at Fairbridge police station.

He was sentenced to serve five years in prison after two years were suspended  on condition that he does not commit period within the same time.

The magistrate informed Mamvura to appeal to the High Court if he wanted to challenge the sentence.

Zimba collapsed due to the life threatening head injuries  sustained to his head and was immediately rushed to hospital for treatment.

Strangely enough, the same Zanu PF  partisan police force , ‘black boots/ riot police are notoriously violent and conduct their operations lawlessly as they assault civillians for defiance to Mugabe’s oppressive authority yet they are never charged over the injuries or death of the innocent public.

For once, the public are left feeling a sense of satisfaction that a member of the ruthless ‘black boots’ is facing a lengthy term in dark, lice and rat filled  prison cells where prisoners face starvation.

Welcome to what the people of Zimbabwe experience from the brutal police force. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

picture, ‘Black Boots’ / Riot police doing what they know best in an incident in which protesting defenceless Harare female students were brutally assaulted


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