Basic statistics Show That Zimbabwe Needs Immediate Leadership Change!

Here are some basic statics that will help everyone come to terms with the stark reality of how ridiculous a situation we live under, and with any luck, the stimulant needed to fight for change.
Legal age of Majority 18
Minimum age for one to be a presidential candidate 40
Retirement age 65
Sir ‘Fall-a Lot-Mugabe’ age 91,
which works out to 26 years past a reasonable expiry and sell by date, as evidenced by the now more than regular public falls, use of outdated or wrong statements, losing track midway through sentences, blurting out wrong slogans denouncing one’s own party . Dare I say liquid, solid or gas sanitary accidents, commonly associated with such an advanced age.
Lest we forget, after a hard days work, asleep in his office chair, his relatively young 50 year old wife wants action and expects him to fulfil his marital duties in the bedroom.without fail. …. Certainly a tall order for a man of such an advanced age, our darling, frail president. People of Zimbabwe,…have a heart and let the poor soul go and tend to some chickens in Zvimba, his rural home of up bringing and enjoy his final years in life away from the hustle and buzz of city life and daily motorcade siren noise.

Obviously because of the inherrent dangers relating to freedom of expression over such issues, no one in Mugabe’s circles would risk , publicly speaking out about these, in fear of not seeing the break of dawn the next day or ever again.

We all know that the despot led Zanu PF regime has zero tolerance for such.

We all fail to realise that Mugabe lives in constant fear of the real and pending possibility of being hauled before the ICC or Hague toface prosecution for his crimes against humanity over 35 years, while at the same time he is also in absolute fear of dying and confronting all those he sent to an early grave. He does not want to account for anything whether in this life or beyond and therefore will constantly hide in the safety of a ‘limitless Presidential Office’

The bottom line is that, Mugabe must go!. by Sibusiso Ngwenya​
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