BLATANT DISREGARD FOR MDC T CONSTITUTION, displayed in the selection mechanism of leaders thats unfolding,..interesting!

 IF MDC T are keen to overlook a democratic party constitution and sideline an elected woman vice president Thokazani Khuphe from substituting Tsvangirai then we cannot lay blame on Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats for their disregard for Zimbabwe’s constitution, lawlessness, lack of rule of law and disregard for the rule of law. Democracy must be seen to be practised and not just be a claimed position to attract supporters and financial aid from the west.
It does not matter what people attempt to justify, but an illegitimate choice, unconstitutional change in MDC T is no different from recycling Zanu pf nonsense. We want to uphold constitutionalism right from home, the MDC T party before we lay claim to being democrats,..wake up Zimbabwe!
The current leadership chaos in MDC T where Khuphe is clearly being sidelined and substituted by Tsvangirai’s hand picked choices Chamisa and Mudzuri,paint a very bad picture of the style of leadership in the party and leaves a lot of supporters questioning the logic behind voting for such chaos as opposed to the very Zanu pf which displays the same leadership style where Mugabe’s deputies were hand picked choices of his. Opposition forces who have joined forces in the MDC alliance are confusing followers because on one hand they lay claim to democracy yet rally behind such open disregard for a constitution and expect their own supporters to rally behind them,..interesting! recently published the following ONLY IN ZIMBABWE! How can it be that the same people who celebrated removing Mugabe and replacing him with a more ruthless Mnangagwa leader of the same Zanu pf actually have the same opposition leaders continuously harping on about Zanu pf corruption yet the very same opposition leaders go to court and defend these Zanu pf thugs and their corruption. -DISCUSS!Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, crowd
Ex Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi is represented by MDC-T senior official Job Sikhala.
Mugabe’s cousin Ex Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo’s lawyer is represented by opposion National Constitutional Assembly leader Lovemore Madhuku.
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Ex Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono’s Lawyer is represented by People’s Democratic Party Leader Tendai Biti.Image result for images of nelson chamisa
Ex Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko is represented by MDC leader Welshman Ncube against MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai over his gukurahundi claims.
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Its funny that MDCT leader Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC leader, Welshman Ncube then sit on the same table along with PDP leader Tendai Biti and others to call Zimbabweans to unite under the umbrella of MDC ALLIANCE and vote against Zanu pf leaders corruption, the same corruption they dispute under cover of ‘professional duty’
If anything at all when you begin to look at all this and remember that the same people enjoyed Monday morning tea regularly with Mugabe in the GNU from 2008 to 2013, and never implemented not even a single electoral reform already signed up and agreed to by party principals in talks monitored by former SA president Thabo Mbeki.
No wonder Mugabe managed to rule for so long because opposition is simply a business to these people, get in enjoy government budget for opposition, free housing, security and other benefits including hefty lump sum pensions like Mugabe’s US £10 million golden handshake.
We all know that one is innocent until proven innocent but why in the first place gain support by claiming Zanu pf are corrupt then defending them against the same allegations you have used to ‘brainwash ‘ supporters? Its not surprising for people to start claiming maybe these laywers benefit much more because they know all the Zanu pf corruption, how to block the court charges for the right price under the cover of darkness from the filthy rich criminals. Defending these Zanu pf criminals immediately tarnishes these opposition leaders, either you stop claiming they are corrupt and sit at the same table with them or you sit with them and fight the masses through defending their corrupt activities.
These are the same leaders who expect us to vote them into power and cement their ability to also loot like Zanu pf did because they know their way around the ropes,…interesting!
This really doesn’t go down well for the now confused Zimbabwean electorate..wake up Zimbabwe. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya, DISCUSS!.
FURTHERMORE, the Sunday mail In December 2015, reported that Britain’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mrs Catrion Laing is reportedly backing former MDC-T national organising secretary and Kuwadzana East legislator Mr Nelson Chamisa to take over the party’s leadership from Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.
The Sunday Mail understands that the British envoy recently divulged this to World Bank staff at a function to officially open the Breton-Woods institution offices in Mount Pleasant, Harare.
A reliable source who attended the event said Mrs Laing said Mr Chamisa “represents the future” of opposition politics in Zimbabwe.
Mrs Laing is reported to have added that Mr Tsvangirai had reached his sell-by date.
“She spoke highly about Chamisa, saying the youthful legislator represents the future and she doesn’t have respect for Tsvangirai because he has failed to dislodge President Mugabe,” said the source.
A Harare British Embassy spokesperson tried to downplay the matter by introducing the “non-interference” card.
“The allegations raised are not true. The United Kingdom has no position with regards to the leadership of political parties in Zimbabwe. This is a matter for the people of Zimbabwe.
“The UK will continue to engage with leaders and members of all political parties as is normal diplomatic practice around the world.”
A fortnight ago, Western embassies that have traditionally backed MDC-T snubbed Mr Tsvangirai’s signing of what was supposed to be an “electoral reforms agenda” by major oppositional groups.
But his pact only attracted fringe groups that have never demonstrated any electoral clout. Of all the Western embassies that had been invited to the signing ceremony, only Australia’s chief envoy, Ms Suzanne McCourt showed up. Ms McCourt told The Sunday Mail that she was “just observing”.
“I would rather not give you a comment about this. I am just observing,” she said.
The British Embassy spokesperson said, “The UK was represented at non-Ambassadorial level at the National Electoral Reform Agenda event in Harare. We continue to meet representatives of all main parties, both government and opposition on a regular basis.”
MDC-T spokesperson, Mr Obert Gutu told The Sunday Mail that invitations were extended to various embassies and partners.
However, he downplayed the absence of most diplomats, saying it was “very difficult for everyone to turn up”.
“Look, the function was held on a Wednesday during working hours, and most people are winding up their business considering that this is the end of the year. Otherwise, we are happy with the turn out.”
Mr Tsvangirai has never won elected office in his 15 years as head of an ever-fracturing opposition party.
Since its formation in late 1999, at least four groups have broken away from Mr Tsvangirai, usually citing his dictatorial tendencies.
Professor Lovemore Madhuku, Mr Tsvangirai’s former close ally is on record saying that just before MDC-T’s crushing loss in the 2013, Western embassies had approached him to help them find Tsvangirai’s replacement.
“Throughout Western embassies, there is a mentality that MDC-T must be led by an academic. They have confided in and consulted me on the best candidate to lead the party (MDC-T),” Prof Madhuku said then.
Tellingly, Prof Madhuku withdrew his support for Mr Tsvangirai and formed his own party.
Prof Welshman Ncube, Mr Tendai Biti and Mr Elton Mangoma all left to do their own things. Mr Tsvangirai’s party has been boycotting elections since its crushing defeat on July 31, 2013.
Now, Mr Chamisa is again dividing the already embattled opposition with an increasingly influential faction that is bent on usurping Mr Tsvangirai.
Indications are that Mr Tsvangirai, after initially seeking to expel Mr Chamisa, now wants an indaba with his latest internal foe. Mr Chamisa is understood to be reluctant to prop up Mr Tsvangirai so early in the game and would rather gauge the extent of his support first before making any move. Source: sundaymail. yesterday reported that Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) leader Simba Makoni has been dumped by some of his senior officials who described him as a failed politician.
The officials, who have since formed their own party – Democratic Opposition Party (DOP) led by Harry Peter Wilson – said they were left with no option but to form a breakaway party after they realised that Makoni was still somehow attached to his former party Zanu PF.
This, they said was exposed by how the former Finance minister selfishly split votes in the 2008 elections. Only a fool would miss out the obvious, that the electorate are simply pawns in a game that benefits a few individuals whether opposition or the ruling Zanu pf and apart from our votes and numbers, we are of no importance to these people.
We the people have the power to put a stop to this by not being brainwashed as Mugabe used to do with Zanu pf supporters. We should choose leaders because of ability and above all set constitutions because if we do not respect the constitutions we have at party level, we can never lay claim to respecting the national constitution,…NO EXCUSE! DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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