DARE Congratulates Movement For Democratic Change (MDC-T) on their 17th anniversary.



We heartfully congratulate the MDC-T on their 17th anniversary.Indeed you have as a party came from a long bumpy road in pursuit of democracy in Zimbabwe.We salute you on your strength and resilience in the fight for democratisation of Zimbabwe.Indeed you bore the brunt
of Zanu Pf intolerance to alternative voices and freedoms.You were subjected to violence,torture,intimidation and death of members at the hands of a brutal regime.That you won power in 2008 elections and was barred from assuming that power is a well recorded travesty and injustice.

We today join you on these celebrations with a sombre mind and hope that all these challenges have opened up your party to the reality of walking with others towards a goal for a just and progressive Zimbabwe.The splits which punctured your party has humbled and fortified your need to remain inclusive and not exclusive.On that backdrop it is important that as you celebrate you also become conscious that a Zimbabwe today is dynamic and fluid in accepting other political players in pursuit of democratic transformation and change.

Indeed as a party you face the challenge of redefining the big tent mentality.Indeed we are humbled by your speech which recognise the need for a united front and convergence in the opposition front.Indeed that can be achieved with a vision for Zimbabwe which goes beyond selfish aspirations and partisan dogma.

We receive your message of working together with open arms and feel encouraged that we are indeed moving into a new era and endgame for the annihilation of Zanu Pf.On the otherhand the message must sink to your lower structures and the common man that a coalition is the only answer for 2018 .It is not about who will led the coalition but it is the content and programs of that coalition that it will be judged upon.Indeed we must walk the talk and as we shout for convergence let us indeed live and seek to practice it in practical and fact.

We are thankfull that you have offered yourself to engange other parties not only in activism and lobby platforms such as NERA but on a convergence towards a new trajectory for a future government of Zimbabwe shaped by a united front of opposition political parties.

Once again we congratulate MDC-T on your 17 th birthday and hope that the message you bring will be reflected in actions and engangement for a new beggining and a new Zimbabwe.Makoroto,Amhlope and Congratulations.

Clemence T Nhliziyo

DARE Head Of Communications.

photo-MDC T Headquaters, Harvest House, Harare

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WELCOME to newzimbabwevision media platforms for debate:

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Zimbabwe has 16 official languages,Chewa, Chibarwe, English, Kalanga, “Koisan” (presumably Tsoa), Nambya, Ndau, Ndebele, Shangani, Shona, sign languages, Sotho, Tonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, so, if you comment in any group in any language but please add a sentence in English to summarise your comment . Thank you. Sibusiso Ngwenya.

‘US$15 Billion, Thief, Robert Mugabe’s Legacy, A Nation Of Highly Skilled, Graduate Vendors, #ThisGown .

Zimbabwe is a broken nation, brought down on to its knees by the filthy rich, president Robert Mugabe and his Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats, who continuously loot national wealth and resources under the guise of ‘Black empowerment and Indigenisation, which are nothing more than /legalised crime and corruption’photos-bulawayo24

‘Zimbabwe Is A Nation In Need Of New Leadership’-MDC National Executive

mugabe_vaxed1-674x280 (1)

We must know as a people that a country’s path to prosperity or ruin is often dictated by the character of its citizens,and therefore the solution to our problems lie with no other than you and l as Zimbabweans.
lt is indeed unfortunate that l write this piece 36 years later when we insinuate that we are a liberated country, yet the reality that stares back at us daily is that of our children living in abject poverty under a tyrannical and violent government.

l will not attempt to list the numerous problems which we face as a nation but instead will endeavour to ask a few pertinent question each and everyone of us must take time to answer in truth,so that when we begin to discuss solutions we know exactly what our challenges are today.

Firstly, can we safely say we are living in a well governed country if our ability to get good health care and education depends on the whims of politicians?can we say we are governed well when almost a third of our earnings annually goes to taxes aimed at supporting all levels of government? Are we well governed if the system and political class spending keeps piling up national debt which most of us don’t understand that it is to be paid by us,our children and grandchildren to come? are we well governed if it is impossible to remove poor performing officials from positions?these are the issues we must deal with and witness daily as citizens.

Currently government is struggling to even pay civil servants salaries but we are subjected to this fiscal insanity of the president’s endless spending on all sorts of frivolities which have albeit caused most of these cuts in the budget towards vital human services. The economic meltdown we are experiencing exemplifies an abandonment of democratic principles,which has seen a handful of government leaders making reckless choices at the same time being unable to even accept the consequences.

We are living in the times where we have chosen to be led by a government high on wine which has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it has lost touch with the needs of its people.This is a corrupt entity that cannot even begin to understand at this stage that for any nation to thrive its people have to be free to make their own choices,to assume responsibility for their own actions and accept the consequences,be it good or bad.

Our country is on the brink of ruin today because we have lost our strength of character as a nation to fight for our values without fear or favor and to defend the very tenets of what it truly means to be a free nation.Zanu Pf has trapped us in perpetual poverty instilling a poverty mindset which pervades many and we are stuck in a vicious cycle of poor choices that show only a desire for immediate gratification over long term planning, our myopic thinking has assisted this renegade governance which has divided us with partisan politics, and planting seeds of hatred and intolerance among the people. A case in point to be weary of is the increase in the use of tribalism as a political tactic.

We are watching with much bravado our current vice Presidents being pitted against one another along ethnic lines,and people label you a tribalist nowadays if you disagree with another individual especially if one is a politician.

We have instead taken front seats to watch this destructive behaviour as it escalates,the question is why have we allowed it?Many have also gone on and joined the bandwagon of absurdity to drink from this cup of bitterness and hatred which seeks to openly divide Zimbabwe along tribal,political and other demarcation lines to satisfy Zanu pf selfish agendas to be re-elected again into government.

Notably those who are doing it are not concerned with the damage it has done to the fabric of our country. As we enter a new cycle of the election phase which signals that we are drawing closer to the election period the desperation from Zanu pf politicians to revive their bases has begun taking centre stage,and the entire ruling party has thrown out sensibility,discipline and dignity breeding only hatred and intolerance among citizens.

We must seek to elect leaders of government who are capable of embracing the diversity of our nation unequivocally,and we ought to recognise those individuals who focus only on solving problems rather than fanning destructive tribal politics as an election campaign tactic as seen with the current crop,When will we get tired of being a constant illustration of a nation which found itself in the clutches of a ruthless elite which abuses state power?

We will continue to pay the price for the absence of social justice which equates to no peace and constant turmoil.We must say NO! to governance that holds the opinions of its citizens in contempt and again,governance that is insensitive and subjects untold suffering upon its own people without losing sleep.

Source: Minenhle Sokhela MDC National Executive Member


‘Mugabe Donation Of 300 Cattle To AU While 3 million Zimbabweans Face Starvation, Is Ridiculous’

Kariba Based Remnant Church Pastor Mugadza

President Robert Mugabe has come under withering attack for donating 300 cattle to the African Union (AU) to help it become less dependent on outside donors, instead of coming to the aid of Zimbabwean villagers in the middle of one of the worst droughts in decades.
The ridiculed donation of cattle, handed over to AU deputy chairman Erastus Mwencha on Thursday, was said to be an honour of a pledge to the AU Foundation made in June 2015 by the 92-year-old president, who held the rotating AU chair until last month.

Mugabe’s donation comes just after he has declared a drought emergency in Zimbabwe, and urged international donors to offer aid promptly for relief operations to support over 1,5 million people critically short of food, according to the UN, amid one of the worst droughts in decades that has left children malnourished, killed livestock and damaged livelihoods.

The relief operation by the government, World Food Programme (WFP) and charities needs $1,6 billion this year.

Critics said Mugabe should have put in place measures to transport the cattle to drought-stricken parts of his impoverished country — where some farmers have started selling livestock to ease the pressure on grazing as the crisis strains the nation.

It was not immediately clear how the AU official planned to transport the cattle to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where the continental union is headquartered.

Mainstream MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said: “This is a joke in very bad taste. It’s a joke that’s not funny at all. How can…Mugabe, knowing that at least 3 million Zimbabweans are facing starvation because of the El Nino-induced drought, coupled with the effects of a disastrous land reform exercise, find it fit and proper to donate 300 cows to the AU?

“This is a question of lopsided priorities by Mugabe. He just enjoys being a populist and a showman.

“Instead of donating those 300 cows to the AU, the Zanu PF regime should actually have sold those beasts and raise money to import maize.

“With a president like this, who needs enemies?”

Mugabe said he wanted the cattle “to play some part in…making the (AU) foundation keep going”.

“It just struck me that no one had ever thought of a gift by way of cattle to the AU and since we are cattle people, why shouldn’t we also make a gift to the AU in cattle form?” the nonagenarian said.

The AU subsequently thanked Mugabe in a tweet that hailed “his exemplary leadership in demonstrating the ability of Africans to fund Africa’s development”.

During his year-long tenure as AU chair, Mugabe lamented the continental body’s dependence on external funding.

Spokesperson of the opposition PDP Jacob Mafume said the 300 cattle were a most inconvenient donation to the AU.

“It will rank among the most bizarre donations that an international body has received,” Mafume said.

“If you take into consideration the fact that Zimbabwe is behind in paying its dues to the AU by a considerable amount then it all becomes farcical and rank madness.”

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, AU Commission chairperson, has said some member states, including Zimbabwe, have failed to pay their dues to the continental body.

The AU collected $84,6 million from member states last year much less than the anticipated $138,5 million, resulting in the AU failing to execute some of its planned programmes.

“How many people’s cattle have perished because of drought and he thinks it has merit to give away cattle to a body which does not need it at this time,” Mafume said.

But UK-based Zimbabwean scholar George Shire said: “Mugabe’s property does not belong to you or me and it does not belong to Zimbabwean people either.”

“How he chooses to spend his money has nothing to do with government priorities,” Shire said.

“They are his cattle and he can give them to whoever he wants. Now that (deposed Libyan strongman Muammar) Gaddafi who used to feed and finance the AU is gone, maybe it’s his ironic way of getting the AU to think of innovative ways to fund itself. We have to wait and see how the AU uses those cattle.”

Shire said Zimbabwe’s opposition parties need to ask themselves what they would do to address the adverse impact of El Niño and if anyone of them would donate their personal wealth to ordinary Zimbabweans.

“A lot of noise that many people in Zimbabwe and elsewhere make about these issues has nothing to do with politics or the political. It does keep the president’s name in the headlines and there are no votes for the opposition in it,” he said.

Joey Mabenge of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition — a conglomeration of 350 rights groups —  said the donation shows that Mugabe’s priorities were certainly misplaced.

“Donating 300 cattle to the AU is not only strange but mind-boggling,” he said.

“The national herd in his own country is under serious threat because of El Nino-induced drought and villagers in remote parts of Zimbabwe who need the cattle most have lost their livelihoods.

“Why not donate the cattle to the neediest in hard-hit remote rural areas and save livelihoods? Charity begins at home.”

Academic and newspaper columnist Reason Wafawarova said it is not clear under what circumstances this pledge was made last year, but it appears this was meant to be both a symbolic and material expression of support to the AU foundation and its goals.

“It is also not clear if the herd of cattle is single-handed donation from the president, or a collective donation by a number of farmers, given in the name of the president in support of his declared vision at the AU,” he said.

“The question of who deserves this donation more between the poor of Zimbabwe and the AU foundation is a morally understandable one.

“It is like Judas Iscariot’s question when a woman poured expensive oil on the feet of Jesus, at a time the oil could have been sold with proceeds channelled to the poor.

“Jesus’ answer was clear in saying there are times when symbolism takes precedence over morality, and perhaps this is a similar case where we face competing views over the symbolic and moral implications of this donation.”

Youth activist and spokesperson of the National Informal Economy Network, said it was a populist display of warped priorities which he said was also reflected by Mugabe throwing a lavish party yesterday in the heart of Masvingo — the province hardest hit by drought.

The drought is as severe in Masvingo as the one in 1992, when failed rains caused a famine in one of the poorest provinces in southern Africa per capita and where many people rely on subsistence farming.

“He could not even donate a loaf of bread to Tokwe Mukorsi (villagers). But now donating 300 cattle to the African Union just for show off is clearly mind-boggling.” – Source-Daily News

‘The MDC-T Crafted National Electoral Reform Agenda NERA Is Fake & Dead’-Gugugu Magorira


The National Electoral Reform Agenda NERA crafted by Morgan Tsvangirai’s party MDC-T is fake and dead after partners realised that it was ann Mdct stupid strategy to built a dubious coalition and promote the tattered Tsvangirai image.

Opposition political parties in Zimbabwe are have dumped Morgan Tsvangirai and his NERA who are too desperate for funding and political support.

Recent pictures of Morgan Tsvangirai in the company of sexy girls are of great concern to his remaining few supporters who are still dreaming of the Buhera boy ruling Zimbabwe and for sure those shall remain and end as dreams.

I am dreaming of a Zimbabwe under Morgan Tsvangirai though I have supported this guy since 1999 until today.

Morgan Tsvangirai seem to be adamant and foolish in terms of ethical behaviour and will never learn.

The so called NERA fronted by one fool Anzelem Magaya a political pastor caught in the web of stupidity thinking that the people do not know or see the dirty tricks of tryng to fundraise for Tsvangirai.

We are very much aware of the trips Morgan Tsvangirai made to SADC and some embassies and the responses he got.

The involvement of the Zimbabwe congress of trade unions zctu in this dirty arrangement make some of us very worried.

It is now very clear that the fools at the helm of the ZCTU are part and parcel of Tsvangirai and company and they should expect confrontation by the workers.

The ZCTU has sold us to the Morgan Tsvangirai faction of the MDC which is not acceptable at all.

The international donor community bakrolling the Zimbabwe congress of trade unions should seek answers from the partisan trade union leaders who are currently abusing the labour space for selfish political interests.

The political parties in Zimbabwe have abandoned NERA because of various reasons which Morgan Tsvangirai failed to explain.

Zimbabweans are not behind NERA or the Zctu because of such moves meant to mislead the nation into believing that mdct is king yet it has fallen from grace.

Those funding NERA thinking that it is inclusive and has support of the people should wake up and start smelling the coffee.

I advise Morgan Tsvangirai to either think of an inclusive process and abandon his big brother jacket.

Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s NERA is doomed and none of us Zimbabweans are in support of this biased and tricky project. by Gugugu Magorira, Source-Byo24

Police Thwart Another MDC-T Protest In Harare

Riot police yesterday thwarted an attempt by opposition MDC-T supporters to hold a peaceful demonstration in Harare to push for the resignation of President Robert Mugabe and implementation of electoral reforms ahead of the 2018 polls.
There was a heavy police presence in Harare’s central business district especially along Nelson Mandela Avenue close to Parliament and MDC-T headquarters at Harvest House.
The MDC-T had organized the demonstration yesterday to protest against the Zanu-PF government’s failure to reverse the worsening economic crisis.
The demonstration was supposed to start at the intersection of Nelson Mandela Avenue and Julius Nyerere Way and end with the presentation of a petition to Parliament calling for the immediate realignment of laws to the new Constitution.
Source: newsday

Opposition Demand Audience With Chuhuri After Weekend Political Violence In Fear Of A 2008 Repeat

Opposition political parties yesterday demanded to meet Commissioner General of Police Augustine Chihuri following last weekend’s politically-motivated violence that rocked the city.

The parties said they feared if the incident was not dealt with promptly, the country could slide back to the 2008 chaos.

In a letter addressed to Chihuri and signed by seven opposition parties, MDC-T, People First, National Constitutional Assembly, Transform Zimbabwe, People’s Democratic Party, Zanu Ndonga, FreeZim Congress and African Democratic Party demanded that the meeting takes place immediately . Source: newsday

‘Unemployment Threatens Zimbabwe’s Political Stability’-Lovemore Madhuku


OPPOSITION politician and labour lawyer Lovemore Madhuku has warned that the huge unemployment rate represents a serious threat to political stability in the country.

The government is struggling to deal with a worsening unemployment crisis as companies collapse or are forced to make redundancies.

Officials have tried to stop the trend by passing laws preventing organisations from laying off workers and forcing them to give workers severance pay, but economists warn the number of jobless will continue going up as the economy worsens.

The current rate of unemployment in the country stands at 80 percent and worsening environmental conditions, such as an anticipated drought, will hit the country’s finances harder.

“We are anticipating a serious drought which might affect electricity production through next year as well as crop production…we don’t have the money to pay for the food we now need to import,” said economist John Robertson.

Business owners Al Jazeera spoke to said they felt they had few options other than cutting back on jobs.

Many are operating at less than half their capacity and employers say they have to lay off workers, insisting the only way they can survive is by cutting jobs.

Lovemore Madhuku, a lawyer representing workers, said the issue of unemployment posed a threat to the country’s fragile political order.

“In 2008 we had an election that was influenced largely by the economic framework…the government of President [Robert] Mugabe found it very difficult to survive in that election.

“If we have more people losing jobs it will cause more suffering … I don’t see the government being able to deal with that situation.”

Zimbabwe’s economic crisis is worsening and has taken a toll on employment rates and government expenditure. source-newzimbabwe


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