Theresa May Will Succeed Cameron As UK , Second Female PM Out Of 76 PMs Since I 721 On Wednesday,



Theresa May , a lonstanding critic of the European Human Rights Convention,will suceed Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday after Andrea Leadsom, pulled out of the Leadership race earlier on Monday, reportedly  for the sake of unity in the conservative party

Tomorrow, the UK prime minister, David Cameron will attend his last cabinet meeting then attend a Wednesday House of Commons gathering for Prime Minister’s Questions and then quit after the Prime Minister’s Question time.

He will then proceed to Buckingham Palace, where he will offer his resignation  to the Queen and Theresa May will about half an hour later arrive at Buckingham Palace to formally introduce herself and accept the post of Uk Prime Minister.

David cameron has been the Uk PM since 2010, and even though he had announced his resignation immediately after the Brexit vote, and indicated that he would be in office for a few more months to allow a smooth transition, this comes as a surprise.

Since 1721 the UK has had 74 Prime ministers and Theresa May will be the second female Uk Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher in the 80’s.  By Sibusiso Ngwenya…More news to follow.

UK Astranaught Major Tim Peake’s Precisely Managed Return To Earth After Six Months In Space

At 3.34am, today, the hatch between the International Space station (ISS) was closed, 250 miles above earth.Undocking
After 186 days on ISS, today at 652 the Soyuz capsule undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) and separated from International Space Station. The capsule fired off several engine thrusters to push itself clear of the International space station (ISS) and, drifted off to a distance of approximately 12km from the orbiting International Space Station .
At this point, the engines the fired off again, this time sending the three astronaughts capsule into a hot external descent back to earth with temperatures reaching up to 2,000 degrees celsius.
At precisely 9.20am, the capsule’s rocket motor will fire for a total of four minutes and 45 seconds, placing the Soyuz capsule on a trajectory that will effectively take it out of orbit.
The capsule is currently orbiting earth at 17,000 miles an hour and will shortly slow down, alter orbit and head for earth.
Reverse thrust will be fired just one second before the capsule lands, slowing the capsule down to five miles an hour in what can only be defined as the equivalent of a carefully managed accident
 For the trio on board the Soyuz capsule, the sensation as reported on BBC will be like going over the Niagra falls in a flaming barrel.
The Soyuz space capsule will touchdown at 1014 am.
However, the astronaughts bone and muscle density will be quite low and they will not be able to open the hatch themselves as they will be too weak and disoriented from the return journey.
The place the capsule will land in Khazakstan, a remote isolated area, traditionally used by Russia for such missions primarily because of this.
photo-BBC-This still from Nasa television shows captures the moment the Soyuz capsule undocked.  By Sibusiso Ngwenya

photo-BBC-This still from Nasa television shows captures the moment the Soyuz capsule undocked

Man Arrested After Shooting And Stabbing UK Labour MP, Jo Cox, To Death In Her Constituency.

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Riding on the back of the  horrific act of hatred in which 50 people were killed in a mass shooting attack in the US, is yet again, another evil act of murder in which a UK MP was shot and stabbed to death.

The Vote Leave and Remain campaigns in the EU referendum have been suspended on both sides after  the Labour  MP for Batley and Spen, Jo Cox (41), died after being shot and stabbed in her constituency.

The deceased Jo Cox, 41, was a mother of two, and  the first female sitting UK MP, ever, to be killed. She is  also the first MP to be killed since 1990.

Her attacker, a 52 year old man, reportedly connected to a South African right wing organisation, is said to have shouted, twice “put Britain first”

Her attacker allegedly, is reported to have calmly reloaded his weapon between shots  and kicked the MP as she lay helplessly on the ground bleeding to death, then walked off, reportedly after stabbing a  77-year-old man who  attempted to help.

. The culprit who was identified in the community as ‘ Tommy Mair’, was arrested in Market Street, near Birstall Library where MP Jo Cox had been conducting a constituency surgery. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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(Blood , Dollars & Oil)-Secret Pact Of The Seven Sisters Cartel Who Control The World’s Oil

OldSevenSisters (1) (3)

A four part series that reveals how a secret pact formed a cartel that controls the world’s oil. On August 28, 1928, in the Scottish highlands, began the secret story of oil.

Three men had an appointment at Achnacarry Castle – a Dutchman, an American and an Englishman.

The Dutchman was Henry Deterding, a man nicknamed the Napoleon of Oil, having exploited a find in Sumatra. He joined forces with a rich ship owner and painted Shell salesman and together the two men founded Royal Dutch Shell.

The American was Walter C. Teagle and he represents the Standard Oil Company, founded by John D. Rockefeller at the age of 31 – the future Exxon. Oil wells, transport, refining and distribution of oil – everything is controlled by Standard oil.

The Englishman, Sir John Cadman, was the director of the Anglo-Persian oil Company, soon to become BP. On the initiative of a young Winston Churchill, the British government had taken a stake in BP and the Royal Navy switched its fuel from coal to oil. With fuel-hungry ships, planes and tanks, oil became “the blood of every battle”.

The new automobile industry was developing fast, and the Ford T was selling by the million. The world was thirsty for oil, and companies were waging a merciless contest but the competition was making the market unstable.

That August night, the three men decided to stop fighting and to start sharing out the world’s oil. Their vision was that production zones, transport costs, sales prices – everything would be agreed and shared. And so began a great cartel, whose purpose was to dominate the world, by controlling its oil.

Four others soon joined them, and they came to be known as the Seven Sisters – the biggest oil companies in the world.

In the first episode, we travel across the Middle East, through both time and space.

Since that notorious meeting at Achnacarry Castle on August 28, 1928, they have never ceased to plot, to plan and to scheme.

Throughout the region’s modern history, since the discovery of oil, the Seven Sisters have sought to control the balance of power.

They have supported monarchies in Iran and Saudi Arabia, opposed the creation of OPEC, profiting from the Iran-Iraq war, leading to the ultimate destruction of Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

The Seven Sisters were always present, and almost always came out on top.

At the end of the 1960s, the Seven Sisters, the major oil companies, controlled 85 percent of the world’s oil reserves. Today, they control just 10 percent.

New hunting grounds are therefore required, and the Sisters have turned their gaze towards Africa. With peak oil, wars in the Middle East, and the rise in crude prices, Africa is the oil companies’ new battleground.

But the real story, the secret story of oil, begins far from Africa.

In their bid to dominate Africa, the Sisters installed a king in Libya, a dictator in Gabon, fought the nationalisation of oil resources in Algeria, and through corruption, war and assassinations, brought Nigeria to its knees.

Oil may be flowing into the holds of huge tankers, but in Lagos, petrol shortages are chronic.

The country’s four refineries are obsolete and the continent’s main oil exporter is forced to import refined petrol – a paradox that reaps fortunes for a handful of oil companies.

Encouraged by the companies, corruption has become a system of government – some $50bn are estimated to have ‘disappeared’ out of the $350bn received since independence.

But new players have now joined the great oil game.

China, with its growing appetite for energy, has found new friends in Sudan, and the Chinese builders have moved in. Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir is proud of his co-operation with China – a dam on the Nile, roads, and stadiums.

In order to export 500,000 barrels of oil a day from the oil fields in the South – China financed and built the Heglig pipeline connected to Port Sudan – now South Sudan’s precious oil is shipped through North Sudan to Chinese ports.

In a bid to secure oil supplies out of Libya, the US, the UK and the Seven Sisters made peace with the once shunned Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, until he was killed during the Libyan uprising of 2011, but the flow of Libyan oil remains uninterrupted.

In need of funds for rebuilding, Libya is now back to pumping more than a million barrels of oil per day. And the Sisters are happy to oblige.

In the Caucasus, the US and Russia are vying for control of the region. The great oil game is in full swing. Whoever controls the Caucasus and its roads, controls the transport of oil from the Caspian Sea.

Tbilisi, Erevan and Baku – the three capitals of the Caucasus. The oil from Baku in Azerbaijan is a strategic priority
for all the major companies.

From the fortunes of the Nobel family to the Russian revolution, to World War II, oil from the Caucasus and the Caspian has played a central role. Lenin fixated on conquering the Azeri capital Baku for its oil, as did Stalin and Hitler.

On his birthday in 1941, Adolf Hitler received a chocolate and cream birthday cake, representing a map. He chose the slice with Baku on it.

On June 22nd 1941, the armies of the Third Reich invaded Russia. The crucial battle of Stalingrad was the key to the road to the Caucasus and Baku’s oil, and would decide the outcome of the war.

Stalin told his troops: “Fighting for one’s oil is fighting for one’s freedom.”

After World War II, President Nikita Krushchev would build the Soviet empire and its Red Army with revenues from the USSR’s new-found oil reserves.

Decades later, oil would bring that empire to its knees, when Saudi Arabia and the US would conspire to open up the oil taps, flood the markets, and bring the price of oil down to $13 per barrel. Russian oligarchs would take up the oil mantle, only to be put in their place by their president, Vladimir Putin, who knows that oil is power.

The US and Putin‘s Russia would prop up despots, and exploit regional conflicts to maintain a grip on the oil fields of the Caucusus and the Caspian.

But they would not have counted on the rise of a new, strong and hungry China, with an almost limitless appetite for oil and energy. Today, the US, Russia and China contest the control of the former USSR’s fossil fuel reserves, and the supply routes. A three-handed match, with the world as spectators, between three ferocious beasts – The American eagle, the Russian bear, and the Chinese dragon.

Peak oil – the point in time at which the highest rate of oil extraction has been reached, and after which world production will start decline. Many geologists and the International Energy Agency say the world’s crude oil output reached its peak in 2006.

But while there may be less oil coming out of the ground, the demand for it is definitely on the rise.

The final episode of this series explores what happens when oil becomes more and more inaccessible, while at the same time, new powers like China and India try to fulfill their growing energy needs.

And countries like Iran, while suffering international sanctions, have welcomed these new oil buyers, who put business ahead of lectures on human rights and nuclear ambitions.

At the same time, oil-producing countries have had enough with the Seven Sisters controlling their oil assets. Nationalisation of oil reserves around the world has ushered in a new generation of oil companies all vying for a slice of the oil pie.

These are the new Seven Sisters:

Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Aramco, the largest and most sophisticated oil company in the world; Russia’s Gazprom, a company that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin wrested away from the oligarchs; The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), which, along with its subsidiary, Petrochina, is the world’s secnd largest company in terms of market value; The National Iranian Oil Company, which has a monopoly on exploration, extraction, transportation and exportation of crude oil in Iran – OPEC’s second largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia; Venezuela’s PDVSA, a company the late president Hugo Chavez dismantled and rebuilt into his country’s economic engine and part of his diplomatic arsenal; Brazil’s Petrobras, a leader in deep water oil production, that pumps out 2 million barrels of crude oil a day; and Malaysia’s Petronas – Asia’s most profitable company in 2012.

Mainly state-owned, the new Seven Sisters control a third of the world’s oil and gas production, and more than a third of the world’s reserves. The old Seven Sisters, by comparison, produce a tenth of the world’s oil, and control only three percent of the reserves. The balance has shifted.

Source: Al Jazeera

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Thai Court Sentences Two Burmese Men To Death For Murder Of Two British Tourists

14405659021440566146l Zaw Lin, left, and Wai Phyo, right, in a file photo courtesy Migrant Worker Rights Network.

Two Burmese men , Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo have been found guilty over the murder of  two British tourists Hannah Witheridge, 23, from Norfolk, and David Miller, 24, from Jersey.

Following a highly publicised trial, Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo have been sentenced to death over the murder of the two British packers on holiday on the southern Thai island of Koh.

The bodies of the two British packers were found on a beach  on 15 September 2014.

 Controversy in the trial  arose after the two accused  withdrew their original confessions over the murders arguing  that the Thai  police had forced convictions from them through torture.

Three judges in a  Thai court in Koh Samui, ordered that the two accused should face the death penalty after finding them guilty, whilst prosecutors in Thai, feel that there has been a miscarriage of justice, due to inconsistencies in the case because  DNA  did not match samples taken from the men.

The prosecutors say that Thai police mishandled the accused men’s  confessions and this was typical of the  “systematic abuse” of migrants in the area. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Jose Mourinho, ‘Special One’, Sacked For The Second Time By Chelsea

129878 (1)

Breaking News: Chelsea Football club Manager  Jose Mourinho, ‘The Special One ‘ has been sacked by the club, for the second time, with the club’s former caretaker manager Guus Hiddink, lined up to replace him…By Sibusiso Ngwenya, more news to follow.

500, 000, 184 Sign Petition To Parliarment To Block Donald Trump Entry To UK

Donald-Trump_3372655b (1)

A petition normally needs a minimum of 100, 000 signatures before paliarment considers it for debate and amazingly , within a few days of US Billionaire, ‘Donal Trump’ calling for a complete ban of all Muslims entering the US,  over half a million signatures (500,000,184) have been gathered on a petition to the UK parliarment, calling for him to be blocked from entering the UK for uttering ‘hate speech’.

Bulawayo-Joburg Intercape Bus Nearly Hijacked In South Africa On Sunday Morning

SIXTY-Five Zimbabweans were nearly hijacked aboard an Intercape bus in neighbouring South Africa today in the morning. An unidentified number of pistol and rifle wielding men nearly commandeered the Bulawayo/Johannesburg bus near Hammanskraal, after the Carousel Tollgate, at around 6.00AM today but the driver’s bravery made it impossible for the passangers to suffer the horror of being hijacked.

Passengers, who were still struggling to come to grips with the ordeal, told that the hijackers driving two VW Golf, one red and another navy blue in colour, impersonated police officers to try stop the bus. One of the cars overtaked the bus and stopped immediately in front of the bus, the other one blocked the bus at the back.
They said the robbers came out of their cars dressed in police attire, when they approached the bus, the brave Intercape bus driver started the bus and moved at a high speed, taking the Hammanskraal offramp after the Carousel Tollgate towards Rusternburg. Fortunately when the bus reached the tollgate on the Rusternburg road, there was a police vehicle. After seeing the police car, the driver started hooting loudly to alert the cops. By that time, the robbers were now closer to the bus, fortunately when they realised that there was police presence, they made quick u-turns and fled.

Reinforcement cops were called and the bus was then escorted to Park Station by a police escort, getting to Park station at around 7:45AM.

One passenger to that they suspect that one man who had bought a ticked to Johannesburg but insisted on dropping off at Mussina is the prime suspect. Apparently after getting to Mussina, the man told the driver that he was no-longer going to Johannesburg and demanded his luggage but there was a mini-argument with the driver. After the man insisted, he was given all his belongings. Suspicion is that this man might have overhead some female passengers who were enroute to England bragging about their belongings and he alerted his colleagues in south Africa. by Ndou Paul
Source: Byo24News

Cameron Claims ‘Labour Is Now A Threat To National, Economic And Your family’s Security’

David Cameron

In the wake of veteran  Jeremy Corbyns surprise victory in the labour party leadership battle, the British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives party,  David Cameron has posted on twitter that ‘The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security’. source-twitter

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photo-guardian-British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives party,  David Cameron

‘African Migrants Are Threatening Our Standard Of Living’- UK Foreign Secretary ‘Philip Hammond’


Philip Hammond, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, has accused African migrants seeking a better life in Europe of undermining the continent’s “standard of living”.

Speaking during a visit to Singapore, Mr Hammond said Britain’s “number one priority” was to find a way to make it easier to send would-be asylum seekers back where they came from, adding that Europe could not “absorb millions of migrants from Africa”.

He told BBC News that in many cases migrants knew they only needed to set foot in the EU to be confident they would never be forced to leave.

Philip Hammond, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, has accused African migrants seeking a better life in Europe of undermining the continent’s “standard of living”.

Speaking during a visit to Singapore, Mr Hammond said Britain’s “number one priority” was to find a way to make it easier to send would-be asylum seekers back where they came from, adding that Europe could not “absorb millions of migrants from Africa”.

He told BBC News that in many cases migrants knew they only needed to set foot in the EU to be confident they would never be forced to leave.

Mr Hammond made his comments as 17 suspected “illegal immigrants” were found in a single “suspicious” lorry travelling on the M1 near St Albans.

Police officers stopped a lorry on the M1 motorway after a member of the public alerted them to “suspicious activity” involving the vehicle.

Upon searching the interior, they found 17 people, who they suspect may have entered the UK without authorisation.

The lorry driver, a 40-year-old Polish man, was arrested on suspicion of helping people enter the country illegally. source- independent.

photo-Uk cannot arbsorb the stream of migrants

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