Migrant Dodges 100 mph Trains, 400 Surveillance Cameras ‘In 30 MILE Channel Tunnel To Kent

Migrant Dodges 100 mph Trains, 400 Surveillance Cameras  ‘In 30 MILE  Channel Tunnel To Kent

A SUSPECTED illegal immigrant allegedly walked almost the whole way through the Channel Tunnel from France – with British police picking him up HALF A MILE from Kent. The Sudanese man was arrested by police at the mouth of the rail link near Folkestone in the shocking incident. He would have had to dodge about 400 surveillance cameras on his “highly dangerous” journey. He was taken to custody on Tuesday – a day after migrants…

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Malaysian PM ‘Najib Razak’ Confirms, Wing Debris Found On Réunion, Island Belongs To MH370,

Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak confirmed that a piece of wing debris found on the island of Réunion, off the coast of Africa,belongs to MH370, the Malaysia Airlines flight that vanished more than a year ago. The flaperon is the first physical evidence of what happened to the plane and the 239 people on board. source-guardian

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Canada Charge Simbarashe G. Nzvimbo, 29 With Uttering Forged Document, Fraud & Money Laundering.

POLICE in Calgary, Canada, have charged a man originally from Zimbabwe, with money laundering after bank drafts were stolen, forged and used to obtain large sums of money at a local casino. Officers were notified Thursday after a southeast bank discovered and reported the theft of three bank drafts, stolen over the week, said Constable Tanya Bertulli with the economic crimes unit. The bank told police they suspected a staff member — a customer service representative who had worked at the…

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Repatriation Fund Raising For Murdered UK based Zimbabwean Nurse, ‘Miriam Danai Nyazema’

A CROWD funding initiative has been launched to raise funds to repatriate the remains of slain United Kingdom based Zimbabwean nurse, Miriam Danai Nyazema. Nyazema, 35, succumbed to stab wounds on July 28 after she was reportedly stabbed by a Zimbabwean man Josphat Mutekedza who is suspected to be his boyfriend. According to media reports, armed police were called to reports of gun shots being fired on Shawclough Way in Rochdale, at about 21:50 on…

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US Airlines Ban Transporting , Hunters’ Big-Game’ Trophies’ After Uproar Over Cecil The Lion

Three U.S. airlines have announced they will no longer allow hunters to bring their big-game trophies on flights amid the recent uproar over an American who killed a well-known lion in Zimbabwe. American joined Delta and United Airlines Monday in refusing to permit certain animal trophies aboard. Effective immediately, American said it “will no longer transport buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion or rhino trophies,” in a tweet American Airline ✔@AmericanAir Effective immediately, we will no longer transport buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion or rhino trophies….

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Syrian Jet ‘Bombs & Crashes Into Busy Rebel Held Market’,:27People Killed & Dozens Injured

BEIRUT, Aug 3 (Reuters) – At least 27 people were killed and dozens injured when a Syrian army fighter jet crashed into a busy marketplace in the rebel-held northwestern town of Ariha on Monday, residents and witnesses said. Most of the dead were civilians on the ground in the Idlib provincial town that fell to a coalition of Islamist insurgents in May, according to the Britain-based Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks violence across Syria….

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Vascoda Mugabe’s National Airline, ‘Air Zimbabwe’, Grounded Due To Acute Fuel Shortage

Vascoda Mugabe’s National Airline, ‘Air Zimbabwe’, Grounded  Due To Acute Fuel Shortage

While Zimbabwe’s President, Globetrotter ‘Vascoda Mugabe’ flies all over the world and spends more time mid air than on the ground, only paying short term visits to Zimbabwe for a change of socks, the national airline, Air Zimbabwe is facing critical aviation fuel shortages.The situation is so bad that the acute fuel shortages have led  to Air Zimbabwe having to cancel all morning fights and delay some to later that day. Zimbabwe’s  regional counterparts have also been…

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S. African Oil & Diamond Magnate, & Ex-Political Prisoner ‘Tokyo Sexwale’ (62), Considers Fifa Presidency

Tokyo Sexwale, a sixty two year old  South African businessman, an Oil and Diamond Magnate and also a  former political prisoner at the time of of apartheid rule,  and also a close former friend of Madiba or Nelson Mandela, having spent 13 years together at the Robben Island prison ,has been urged to field his candidacy for the Fifa presidency, by several key personalities in football circles. Fifa, the world cup football governing body,  has been riddled with…

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MH370 search: More Debris , ‘Possibly An aircraft Door’, Washes Up On Beach At Reunion Island

After a flapperon or wing part presumed to be part of a boeing 777 washed up on St Andre’s beach on Reunion Island, yet again another piece, now the second suspected plane piece has washed off onto Reunion Island. The latest debris, with markings featuring on it,  is assumed to be an aircraft door and it washed up on the south of the city of St Denis. In March 2014, a Malaysia Airlines flight , enroute from…

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US Government To Build New ($199 million) Embassy Compound In The Bluff Hill Area

US Government To Build New ($199 million)  Embassy Compound  In The Bluff Hill Area

THE US government will this year begin the construction of a new Embassy compound in Harare valued at $199 million. This comes after the Department of State Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) awarded a tender to B.L. Harbert, International of Birmingham, Alabama for the construction work. The new Embassy will be located on a 16.5-acre site in the Bluff Hill area. The complex will include an office building and associated support facilities. US ambassador…

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