Corruption: Chikurubi Rears & Slaughters Livestock- Prisoners Denied Meat (3Years)

TOP Prison officials at Chikurubi Maximum and prison farm are under fire from Commissioner General Paradzai Zimondi following reports that inmates at the institutions have gone for three years without eating meat.

It has emerged that Chikurubi actually rears and slaughters cattle and pigs regularly but the meat has not been accounted for, raising fears the inmates’ share is being looted.

Highly placed sources at the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services HQ in Harare told at the weekend that Assistant Commissioner Pambayi who is officer-in-charge at Chikurubi Maximum and Chief Superintendent and Chomurenga who heads Chikurubi Prison Farm were questioned by Zimondi.

“Zimondi wanted to know where the cattle and pigs which Chikurubi farm rears and slaughters regularly were going,” said a source.

“There are hundreds of cattle and pigs whose meat is meant for inmates and almost every week they are slaughtered and Zimondi was disturbed by the stories that inmates had gone for years without having meat.

“This is the reason why he summoned the two top officials for an explanation”.

Recently, parliamentary committee on defence, home affairs and security heard from senior prison officials during their tour to Chikurubi Maximum prison that, for the past three years, prisoners did not eat any meat.

The prison officials said the first taste of meat that the prisoners have had after a period was when the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority provided them  with 250kg of  game meat recently.


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