Economic watch dog warn Zimbabweans against sending Money back home through official means.

An Economy watchdog Science Economics and Justice for Zimbabwe has warned Zimbabweans in the diaspora to desist from sending their relatives money back home through official means indicating that party of the money is being used to fund the brutal and heartless Zanu PF government.
“Zimbabweans, every cent you send internationally through official channels such as bank transfers, Western Union and Ecocash is used for bankrolling Zanu PF,” the organisation posted on Facebook.
“You see, Bond Notes solve at least 3 problems for the government:- they allow the government to erase its domestic debts by printing the money to pay those debts off. They allow the government to receive a fresh injection of nearly half a billion US Dollars worth of real money within the next 5wk period from Diaspora remittances and Gold. And when you consider receipts from silver, platinum and other commodities etc; that pile of cash could easily reach ONE BILLION US DOLLARS in December alone.”
“And by the time the daily withdrawal limits are eventually increased or abandoned, and the whole house of cards comes crashing down; the Zanu PF machine will be so well-oiled with cash that even if all opposition parties unite – Zanu PF’s lead in 2018 will be unassailable. It’ll be impossible for them to lose,” the organisation added.
SEJZ said that is where the sophistication of Bond Notes lies!
Source – Byo24Newsby Stephen Jakes

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