Exclusion Ideology By Trump, Hitler And Mugabe ….. ‘The Culture Of Hate’.

People like Trump, Hitler, Mugabe … and yes some right here in South Africa … will find something, real or imagined, to found and promote “nationalism”.
Trump is promoting American nationalism, using the politics of fear. Ian Smith did the same thing in Rhodesia by promoting White nationalism.

Hitler promoted German nationalism under the Nazi flag.
Here we have the various African tribes amalgamated under the “black” flag for the purposes of “Black nationalism”.
“Black” and “Nazi” were/are not race or ethnic groupings. They are simply brand names used to amalgamate human groupings such as tribes.

What all these ploys have in common is the element of “exclusion”, i.e, they are intended to exclude other humans that do not fall under the flag/label.
Those that do not fall under the label then fall to be discriminated against (apartheid), victimized (Mugabe), persecuted and even exterminated (Hitler).
Sadly South Africa is also going down that route.

The ANC government is excusing its 21 year failures by promoting “Black nationalism” in terms of which the Whites are being posited as the very bad “haves”, just as Hitler did as regards the Jews and Mugabe did as regards the Whites. Even the internationally revered Mandela is being demonized as having “sold out” to the bad Whites.

So Trump is useful in that, if you think about it, you will see the parallel right here in SA. We are on a very dangerous path, made more dangerous because most South Africans are simply not aware of its implications.

Those that support Trump are also not aware of its evil implications … just as most Germans were not to start with.
So in condemning Trump we need to look ourselves in the mirror By Chris Greenland.
photo-Donald Trump -telegraph

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