Health, Freezes All Drugs Procurement, & Purchases US$88 359 Jeep Cherokee For Hospital CEO

The acute drugs shortage in the country’s government referral hospitals has revealed shocking statistics.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care says nine in every 100 patients are being sent away to seek medical attention in private hospitals.

Hospital executives have become a law unto themselves.

It has emerged that Harare hospital which is the most affected institution has taken delivery of a new Jeep Cherokee for the hospital’s CEO.

The ZBC has it on good authority that after freezing all drugs procurement, on Thursday last week, a transfer of US$88 000 was made to the CMED through a CBZ account number 02322454270019.

The poshy black vehicle has already been delivered to the hospital at a total cost of US$88 359.

The chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care Dr Ruth Labode says this is gross negligence of a mandate to deliver health to the people.

Efforts to get a comment from the Ministry of Health and Child Care failed as the Minister is reportedly out of the country.

The Permanent Secretary was also not available while the Deputy Minister and the Acting Permanent Secretary were also said to be in meetings.

As hospitals stare into the face of such crises, the ministry corridors have failed to provide answers and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee says it will summon the Minister.

With the parent ministry not coming in handy to provide answers as hospital CEOs continue helping themselves to huge perks, the nation’s health index continues assuming a more and more unenviable position. – Source.bulawayo24

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