‘I’m not corrupt, My Hotel Stay, Is God Given And No Different From Tsvangirai’s Government Mansion Residence’-Vp Mphoko

Underfire Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has roped in MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai to justify his refusal to leave the hotel.
He  claimed that he is not corrupt saying people accusing him to be such will fail as he is protected by God.

Mphoko is refusing to vacate rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare after being holed at the hotel for more than 550 days.

Addressing Bulawayo residents in Sunday, he said his hotel stay is as good as  Tsvangarai occupying a hotel since he is also residing in a government house.

“First thing, I’m not corrupt. I don’t need anybody’s money.

“God gave me what I have. I’m 76 (years) now. I’m not looking for anything.

I don’t want President Mugabe’s position. He (President Mugabe) appointed me to be a Vice President because John Nkomo had died, I didn’t take anyone’s position.

” I didn’t take anyone’s wife, and I have my children, my home and my own life is God-given. It is corrupt people who are saying I’m corrupt.”

Mphoko equated  Rainbow Towers to a   Government house and roped in Tsvangirai to justify his stay.

“I live in a Government hotel. It’s as good as staying in a Government house. It’s as good as (Morgan) Tsvangirai who is staying in a Government house. Tsvangirai is staying in a Government house which is as good as staying at Sheraton.

“Those who are talking have failed. They know it because they want me to be like them. I will never be because my life is governed by prayers and God. All their efforts will not work”.
by Thobekile Zhou.Source – Byo24News

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