Mugabe And His Zanu PF Are Literally ‘Raping’ The Will Of The Zimbabwean People

The Zanu Pf government has shown its insensitivity to the plight of the Zimbabwean people through it’s unwilling to abate the unfolding crisis. I think Mugabe and his administration have the capacity to turn around the economic meltdown, but are reluctant. Governments worldwide are established to manage the affairs of the people’s on their behalf. Regardless of their nature, democratic or authoritarian, it is presumed that they have the mandate to maintain or improve the lives of those they are tasked to preside over, even if they task themselves, as in the authoritarian setup. Any government therefore that systematically ignores the reason of its existence is acting mischievously.

The Zanu Pf government in Zimbabwe is acting in this manner. It’s acting criminally. What we have now in Zimbabwe is not a government, but an alliance of villains who are sacking the wealth of Zimbabwe. This a group hardcore crooks who imitate or pretend an administration headed by the chief hypocrite Robert Gabriel Mugabe.  This association is depriving ordinary Zimbabweans of his/her right to education, health, voting, opportunity and success through an apartheid worse than that experienced in the former South African apartheid.

Zanu pf and Mugabe are literally raping the will of the Zimbabwean people. They are forcing themselves on Zimbabweans by means of a partisan army, and an aqueous intelligence that unleashes terror on the populace. People of Zimbabwe have been cowered to the extreme and they have no one and nowhere to report to.

With people intimidated the syndicate can have its way with anything unopposed and unquestioned.  Now that we have reached a dead end concerning governance, we need to go back to the basics. The situation is now beyond statesmanship, it’s now about morals, it’s about conscience. The constitution is there of course, but it’s disregarded by those who are supposed to uphold it.  We are faced with all out criminals masquerading as leaders.

Some people do not care whether they a wrong thing. When they become greedy, they are not worried even if they take everything whilst others remain with nothing. They have the heart of thief who has no anxiety even if he kills to confiscate. This is the caliber of the consortium we have at the helm at present in Zimbabwe. They live in excess whilst their base ‘electorate’ has close to nothing.

We have examples in tales and scripture which attempt to steer us from embracing evil or from becoming uncaring in the least. We have the likes of a king’s wife who murdered the king’s subject because the subject had refused to sell the king a family vineyard. We have a king’s wife who requested the head of a prophet who had rebuked her prohibited marriage to the king. This was evil in the overdrive mode almost identical to the one we experiencing at the moment in the Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean has also to wake up to truth that democracy does not depend on investing trust on leaders to govern faithfully out of their own volition, but hinge on checks and regulation by ‘him and her’ on the leadership. Mugabe and his Zanu pf have excessive latitude placed on their laps because Zimbabweans literally don’t care about their situation or that of their posterity; or are afraid.  This is why we see Mugabe going to the extent of unconstitutionally delegating authority to control Zanu pf and government to his bed mate. The restraint or embankment has given way and with virtually no one to impede him he can do anything he wants.   This explicitly shows that Mugabe is not patriot because he cares only about his skin. He has also shown that he that he is not bothered nor moved by the flood of criticism pillaged on him or even by the infrastructural, economic and social devastation his maladministration and tyranny has caused. By unilaterally transferring power to his wife Grace, Robert Mugabe has displayed a shameless, and a shocking abuse of power. This is unfettered evil at play. In supporting this Phillip Chiyangwa and the G40 cocktail behave like vultures that banquet on a decaying carcass. The G40’s primary and sole interest is to enrich selves, and not to endeavor to raise GDP per capita. They have a perfect partner in Grace Mugabe who I think is imprudent because she exhibits total ignorance of government procedures.  But if I am wrong and she knows government procedures and chooses to disregard them instead, then it’s another case. In this case she reasons out that by virtue of being able to manipulate the president, either because he is old or through withholding favors, he can catapult her to the executive. Whichever the case, then she act as if there are no guidelines to the manner through which one can legally become a president in Zimbabwe, and choose the backdoor to the stage.

The spirit of Jezebel continues to roam, and may find a perfect home in Grace. In Grace, the disposition that once characterized jezebel’s is perfected and its evil desires could well be satisfied if in her she does not wake up from the trance it’s prompting her to.

The future is black for Zimbabwe. The infrastructure continues to break down. There is no water and no electricity. Electricity shortages today could have been envisaged long back if the government had been shrewd. But as I said before in this compile, Mugabe and his government do not care about ordinary people; his government busies itself with power and accumulating personal wealth only. They are a foolish lot, let me say. For very soon the situation is going to be totally out of control, so that governing itself won’t be desirable. Electricity shortages is going to cripple whatever is left of industry, and again the economy is going to shrink even more and industry is going to spew out more workers as a result. Government tax revenue base will shrink even more and conflict between government and civil servants will be definite. Without assured electricity supply government should forget about irrigation in winter, so this mean more wheat to import, and where does all the money come from.

Zimbabweans for now seem powerless to do anything other than succumb to Mugabe’s misrule. They also hope his death may bring some change. But right as we read this, people in Zanu pf are fighting hand foot and teeth to be in control this thoroughly run down bus. It will slam anyway, but they are the ones that want to slam it instead. They don’t want to mend the bus, they just want to drive it gleefully, that it will slam does not occur to their mind. Their minds clouded by evil, they are too blind to see this event coming pretty fast. by Zanda Shumba

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