Mugabe’s Zanu PF Lowers Serving Security Forces Retirement Age From 60 Down To 50 Years

At a time when Mugabe  faces a highly disillusioned Zimbabwean population due to Mugabe’s Zanu Pfs failure to revive the economy, the regime is set to flex its powers across the military.

Zimbabweans are forcibly exiled world wide, destitute, unemployment in Zimbabwe is running well over 90%, with graduates turned to airtime and vegetable vendors Service Delivery has collapsed in education, health care, housing, and transport.

Zimbabwe’s pensioners are owed their monthly pensions, and Grace Mugabe returned to announce to the suffering Zimbabweans that ‘Mugabe will rule from beyond the grave’.
At the One Million Man march Mugabe announced that he had pardoned all female prisoners, male prisoners under the age of 18, prisoners over 60 years of age and all prisoners suffering terminal medical complications

Mugabe is indifferent to the people’s suffering, as demonstrated by his  Zanu PF regime who  have now gazetted fresh defence regulations that lower the security force retirement age for uniformed forces,from  the age of 60 years, down to 50 years irrespective of length of service or pensionable age.

It is no secret that the multitude of those affected will be top military brass and because  Government cannot service the out of control  wage bill  greater than 80% of the budget, so,  only those serving on presidential approval will be allowed to stay.

It is not rocket science, that only those who fully subscribe to Mugabe’s , racist, Zanu PF anti-western politics, and consider themselves as the van guard of the liberation struggle, such as war veterans will be allowed to serve beyond the official new gazetted retirement age.

The government has therefore determined that if the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe,  deems it a national interest, on the basis of  recommendations from the minister, of Defence,  then he or she may chose to allow an officer who is a WAR VETERAN , under the   ‘War Veterans Act (Chapter 11:15)’  to serve for another five years’

It is evident that a clueless 92 year old Mugabe is now seeking relevance in his dying minutes and fighting to ensure a 2018 ballot victory in 2018. By retiring the elderly military and those considered to be defiant to the state, he clears way for staunch Zanu PF  officers, ‘War Veterans’ who recently forced his hand into getting priviledges such as fees and health care for their children amounting to an initial US$6 million from the broke regime, disbursed less than three months ago.

This is now the time for the traditionally violent ‘Border Gezi Green Bomber’ graduates who have progressed through the security forces  ranks. Those seniors who are aligned to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s  faction , will be caught out in the net, allowing Mugabe to cement his powers and pave the way for Grace Mugabe’s rise to power.  She is slowly but surely edging closer to succeeding Mugabe in the post of Zimbabwe’s President. Wake Up Zimbabwe!


By Sibusiso Ngwenya

photo-The director general of the Zimbabwean government intelligence agency, Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), retired Brigadier Happyton Bonyongwe, the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, General Constantine Chiwenga and Zimbabwe’s President Robert Gabriel Mugabe

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