NEW DISPENSATION: VICE PRESIDENT KEMBO MOHADI PARADES NEW PARTNER at his swearing in ceremony, publicly ending his relationship with his estranged former wife Senator Tambudzani Mohadi.

A fortnight ago, at his his swearing in ceremony as vice president, Kembo Mohadi paraded his new partner officially , ending his relationship with his estranged former wife Senator Tambudzani Mohadi. As the new dispensation dawns upon Zimbabwe, so is one in the vice president’s life.
A new dispensantion is dawning upon Vice president Kembo Mohadi’s marriage after its collapse. The couple married in 1981 and lived together until separation in 1999. Kembo Mohadi filed for divorce in September 2017 when he was Zimbabwe’s State Security minister under the deposed former President Robert Mugabe.
Mohadi stated , in High Court papers filed to the Bulawayo High court that the couple’s marriage had irretrievably broken down.
and since then, his life had been a “living hell”.
“The respondent is a very abusive person and / or a person of a violent disposition such that I am now leaving in fear of my life.” According to Vice president Mohadi, in his application, he feared for his life as Tambudzani had been threatening him sending messages and calling on his mobile.
Tambudzani and her children are barred from disposing of the Mohadi couple’s matrimonial property before the case is finalised for divorce by the High Court.The case is still pending . More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
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