‘No Constitutional Or Leadership Changes At December 2015 Zanu-PF Annual Congress’-Simon Khaya-Moyo

THERE will not be any constitutional or leadership changes at the Zanu-PF annual people’s conference in Victoria Falls next month, party spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo said yesterday.

Khaya-Moyo said this as a warning to ruling party officials and supporters whom he said were tussling for positions in the on-going party restructuring exercise. He said he was surprised by the interest generated by the conference.

“The conference cannot amend the constitution. The point is simple; we as the party have structures and the highest organ of the party is the congress, but in between congresses we have the central committee which can make amendments and decisions,” he said.

Khaya-Moyo said the focus of the conference was to look at the resolutions passed during last year’s congress and to focus on the implementation of Zim-Asset.

Khaya-Moyo said there was no point in fighting over positions when the constitution was clear what should be done at any given time.

“We want to know how far we have gone with the implementation of Zim-Asset because that is our economic blueprint. All these other power issues being flighted all over, I don’t know what that is in aid of. Why should we be talking about positions when the constitution is clear…our central focus should be the economy, that is what people want – the growth of our economy,” said Khaya-Moyo.

– Source-bulawayo24

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