Plumtree man, raped and deflowered his girlfriend’s ‘deaf-mute’ 13-year daughter


A MAN from Plumtree who allegedly deflowered his girlfriend’s 13-year-old deaf and dumb daughter, was sold out by bruises on his sexual organ.

A court heard how the man attacked the minor when her mother left the two sleeping in the same room at around 4AM as she went outside for morning prayers in February this year.

Phumuzani Moyo (35) pleaded not guilty to a rape charge when he appeared before Bulawayo Regional magistrate Mr Chrispen Mberewere on Thursday.

He was remanded in custody to September 19.

Prosecuting, Mr Simbarashe Mberewere told the court that the incident happened on February 24 this year.”Accused and complainant were sleeping in separate blankets about a metre apart. When complainant’s mother came back she found her daughter fully awake but still in her blankets. Complainant’s mother proceeded to Matjinge clinic to collect food for her disabled daughter,” said Mr Manyiwa.

“When she came back, her neighbour told her that her daughter had come to her showing her that she was bleeding from her privates. Complainant’s mother said she would look at her daughter in the morning as it was already at night.”

The victim’s mother said she told Moyo she suspected that he had raped her daughter.

“I confronted my boyfriend accusing him of raping my child. I later realised that what I had done could make him run away before a police report was made so I cried and apologised to him. I told him I would take my daughter to the clinic but he discouraged me saying it would end up being a police matter.

“I then asked my boyfriend to show me his penis. I noticed some bruises on it that showed me that he had slept with a virgin. I asked him how he got the bruises. He said he forgot to tell me that he had sustained a wound several days before. Early next morning I went to report the matter to the police. I notified the police about my suspicions and he was arrested.” source-chronicle

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