Sale Of 100 Elephants To China By Zim Raised US$1 Million. Authorities say Current 100 000 Elephants Is 30 000 In Excess Of Game Reserves Capacity.

ZIMBABWE has earned $1 million from the sale of 100 elephants to China early this year, state radio reported Thursday.
According to ZBC, the baby elephants were sold to the Asian country using guidelines of the International Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species.
ZBC said the proceeds from the sale have been channelled towards conservation programmes being undertaken by the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.
“The government has been receiving support from China for its anti-poaching initiatives and is currently awaiting the delivery of equipment for opening up of roads within the national parks, vehicles and new state-of-the-art communication systems to enhance effectiveness in the fight against poaching,” the state-run broadcaster reported.
The sale of the elephants in January caused outrage among animal rights and other civil society groups who protested at the export of the animals to China, France and the United Arab Emirates.
Government however explained that the move was meant to avert an ecological disaster as Zimbabwe was fast running out of carrying capacity for the animals.
The Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has warned that the growing elephant herd, estimated at over 100,000, was 30,000 more than the carrying capacity of the game reserves. source-newzimbabwe


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