‘Zanu PF Will Rule Zimbabwe Until Eternity’-VP Mnangagwa

ANYONE who dreams or fancies Zimbabwe being ruled by a different party other than Zanu-PF should consider brewing traditional beer to appease his ancestral spirits because the revolutionary party will continue ruling up to eternity, Acting President  Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.

Addressing Zanu-PF supporters at Nandi Arda Estates in Chiredzi after touring the 150-hectare sugar estate on Friday, Mnangagwa said the party leadership has people at heart and has given people land resulting in the flourishing of some estates.

Sunday News reported that Nandi Estate which had been lying idle for many years was resuscitated recently by Mangwa Quip (Private) Limited in partnership with Agricultural Rural Development Authority (Arda).

Mnangagwa said Zanu-PF was blessed by God to rule the country. He reiterated that when other small parties make noise, Zanu-PF will not have time to listen but concentrate on its mandate to improve the lives of people.

Mnangwgwa said despite 16 years of reeling under illegal sanctions imposed by the country’s erstwhile colonisers, Britain and its allies, there has been development although at a slow pace, without much assistance from the outside world.

“We have no wish to rule Britain, America or Japan. We will lead in our own country and our own people. If you dream this Zimbabwe having changed and being led by any party besides Zanu-PF, please wake up and brew traditional beer to appease your ancestors. While others are barking — they will continue to bark, while we continue to rule — we will be ruling, ruling,” said Mnangagwa.

“No-one can lead a country without being blessed by God. Zanu-PF is leading because it is blessed by God. If you are blessed, your days will multiply and multiply. You all know that in 2018, we will have elections and our hope is that you will vote for you party as you did in 2013.”

Present at the meeting were Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs Shuvai Mahofa, Minister of State Responsible for Psychomotor Activities in Education  Josiah Hungwe and senior Government officials. by Walter Mswazie. Source: Sunday News

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