Zimbabwe Crocodile Meat Burgers Selling Like Hot Cakes At Milan Expo In Italy

Burgers made from Zimbabwe crocodile meat are selling like hot cakes at the country’s pavilion at the Milan Expo in Italy with  about 1,000 crocodile burger  sold a day.

According to media reports, a crocodile burger is sold for €15.

The fast selling rate of the crocodile burgers has forced authorities to order more meat as supplies runs short.Z
Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Italy, Godfrey Magwenzi, said the crocodile meat idea originated when organisers were trying to think of an appropriate relish or meat to offer alongside the cereals being served at the Expo, the theme of which is food and sustainability. After the world’s largest crocodile breeder, Zimbabwe-based Padenga Holdings, got on board, the pavilion received special permission to serve the meat in Italy for a limited period following two sets of health-and-safety tests by the Italian health ministry.

“We are so happy that we have been getting maximum cooperation from the ministry of health,” the ambassador said.

Initially, Zimbabwe imported a ton of the meat, but Magwenzi said he would be requesting an additional two to three tons to be imported to meet high demand.

“It has been phenomenal. In fact, crocodile meat is better than chicken, better than pork. It has less cholesterol.” Source: theguardian

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