Starvation Due To Zimbabwe’s Worst Drought In 25 Years, Also South Africa’s Worst In A Century.

Rains in the drought prone Southern African region are normally expected from November with the harvest expected by March the following year.

This has failed to materialise as Zimbabwe is facing its worst disaster on record over the last 25 years. Zimbabwe faces low water for people and livestock and little or no harvest leaving a total of at least 3 million people in need of food aid as they face starvation.

Other people also argue that the country’s disastrous land policy of evicting established white commercial farmers from commercial farming land and replacing them with inexperienced black farmers with little or no resources to farm, has actually contributed to the food crisis.

The El-nino weather pattern also compounds the disaster in the area, in which South Africa is also facing its worst drought in a century. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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