1972 to 1979, during the liberation struggle 27,000 people were killed,..that was war! In a much shorter time under black rule by PM Robert Gabriel Mugabe, during independance 20,000 Ndebeles were butchered

From 1972 to 1979, a total of 27,000 people were killed in the liberation struggle,..that was war! In a much shorter time during a time of independance under black rule by prime minister Robert Gabriel Mugabe, State Security Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa who have worked together for 54 years at the helm of Zanu, Mugabe’s nephew now Zimbabwe’s minister of Lands and Agriculture the Rtd Air force Commander Perrance Shiri a.k.a Bigboy Samson Chikerema from Mugabe’s mother’s family as then head of the brutal Fifth brigade, with logistics for all gukurahundi raids across Matebeleland coordinated by Chiwenga as head of One Brigade in Bulawayo butchered over 20,000 unarmed innocent Ndebeles from Midlands and Matebeleland.
President EmmersonMnangagwa while speaking in Davos Switzerland, openly admitted that gukurahundi happened but denied that the deaths are as much as reported.
We are all aware that the Chihambakwe Commission of Inquiry on Gukurahundi was stopped from being made public by Mugabe as Parliament was told in November 1985 that the report could not be made public. We all know that Mugabe as head of state and his accomplices feared reprisals once the truth came out which included arrest, prosecution and imprisonment.
What Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao is letting the people know, is most likely part of the Chihambakwe Commission of Inquiry on Gukurahundi findings. We need Mnangagwa to publish the rport and let the people know the truth.
Zimbabweans must realise and respect the fact that gukurahundi happened and affected over 20,000 people butchered by Shiri, Mnangagwa, Mugabe, Chiwenga. To the Discerning eye www.newzimbabwevision.com it is obvious why Mugabe kept these figures close throughout his 37 year reign of terror over Zimbabwe.
Mugabe rewarded his accomplices in crime, his nephew Fifth Brigade commander Perrance Shiri with the post of Air Force Commander, One Brigade Commander Chiwenga with the post of Zimbabwe National Army General, Sekeramayi with the post of Minister of Defence and alternated Mnangagwa between posts of Justice Minister and State Security Minister in order to always prevent prosecution.
Its clear with the style of exit, where Mnangagwa stated that Mugabe is a father, mentor and one he will always approach for advice, before granting him and his family immunity from prosecution over crimes committed, that there has been no change, we simply changed the bottle of wine but are still drinking the same old wine.
Mnangagwa of all people knows the real truth about gukurahundi, has got the files about who the real pepetrators were, names, dates of birth, names of parents, villages of origin and everyone’s addresses, where they operated, what happened in each raid, commanders and group members for each operation.
The fifth brigade killers were Shonas, a deliberate grouping by Mugabe because the operation was for buchering Ndebeles. However as I always say, because Fifth Brigade was Shona and Mugabe is Shona, it does not make all Shonas guilty or in support of gukurahundi.
We the people of Zimbabwe must push for a Truth and Reconcilliation committee, and seek answers as to what happened, when, how,where and who did what.
Mnangagwa must apologise to the Ndebeles, and further to that, government must compensate victims and surviving next of kin of those killed. This must be part of the healing and closure process fro this horrendous genocide. 20,000 lives lost,cannot be ignored or wished away as government and many brainwashed people assume. Mnangagwa needs the people to rally behind him. We want the truth and now that he has openly refused to allow postal votes by 6million diaspora people, generally there because of him and Mugabe, he has lost the battle before the war, ‘harmonised 2018 elections’.
We cannot bury a genocide under the false belief that its all for the good of the nation,..nonsense! If Mnangagwa fails to address this then his will be the shortest president term in Zimbabwe and he will not enjoy the US$10million dollar presidential retirement package he gave Mugabe.
Gukurahundi happened , most fifth brigade killers are still alive, know their crimes and hope and pray it will die a natural death but this is the era of social media and mainstream media so, gukurahundi must be addressed.
People cannot be silenced by fifth brigade killers, their spouses, children or next of kin who falsely hide behind the fact that now is not the time to talk about gukurahundi,..false! Now is the time, while these people are alive and Mnangagwa is desperate to bring Zimbabwe into the global village.
Many people live in fear of the truth being told and this includes people who murdered victims as they know their murderous traits will become evident to their wives, children, inlaws, neighbours, employers, friends and other hence they sill always rush to silence those who speak out.
We at www.newzimbabwe.com will never be silenced. I being Gushungo from Zvimba, fearlessly spoke out aginst Mugabe and will do so for the people of Zimbabwe where gukurahundi is concerned. Lets all freely wade into the debate, speak progressively, shun tribalism as always, unite and work together to get Mnangagwa to address gukurahundi and move aunited nation forward progressively.
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