A TOP SOUTH AFRICAN POLITICIAN GWEDE MANTASHE says government plans to seize land without compensation from whites who own over 70% land, while other ethnic minorities own only 24 %

Gwede Mantashe,who is the chairman of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) party, has come out in support of the ANC party’s controversial proposals for land expropriation in order to address a past imbalance created by a former racist, settler regime.
According to him, according to the ANC’s radical plans. any white farmer who owns over 12,000 hectares of land must be forced to surrender without compensation, their share to the South African government for redistribution , with priority allocated to black farmers, because the privileged never give away privilege for the benefit of the ordinary underprivileged in society.
The South African constitution must now be amended to mandate the expropriation policy by creating the necessary legal tools to doso.
It is now two decades since the release of the icon Nelson Mandela after the end of apartheid yet 70% of the land in South Africa is owned by Whites, while black indigenous South Africans ethnic groups account for just 24 percent ownership of land.
There is a clear lack of confidence in South Africa’s economy as foriegn markets and investment are rattled by the land reform. South Africa is a globalised economy and any reaction by the globalised village has direct impact on South Africa’s economy as clearly seen in the heavy fall in the value of the rand over the last week because of the land reform exercise.
Agriculture only contributes to just 2% towards the South African economy, and the white population own at least 70% of the land in South Africa, while black indigenous South Africans whose ancestors were forcibly removed from the land by settler whites, are landless, poor, homeless, jobless and generally lack the most basic service delivery in Education, Health care, Housing, water, electricity, transport and other areas, hence the rush by the black people to grab land ahead of the proposed constitution changes. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
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