‘Mnangagwa is insincere when he says he will make sure that the security forces who are beating, killing and raping citizens will be arrested’-Patson Dzamara .

Dzamara was responding to Mnangagwa’s Twitter post where he said he was appalled by the reports which he saw on Sky News.

“No Sir! Stop playing these games with our lives. You know and you know what is happening.” Dzamara fumed.  “You are being extremely insincere and that’s regrettable. We are no longer proud and safe to be Zimbabwean because of how your government is treating us. You are abusing us daily.”

“I was appalled by today’s Sky News report.” Mnangagwa had said earlier. “That is not the Zimbabwean way. I have instructed that the individuals behind this be arrested and encourage all those impacted to contact the authorities and file an official complaint.”

Exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo said the statement on Mnangagwa’s Twitter is a tactical statement. Moyo further invited George Charamba to come and disown the statements on the Twitter account.

“It’s a tactical statement by his tactical team. Call George Charamba to come and disown it.” Said Moyo

George Charamba recently said people should not trust the Twitter account that is run in the name of Mnangagwa because some of the view there do not reflect the views of the President.

However Charamba’s statements were refuted by the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting services who said the President’s Twitter Account is authentic and every view there is cleared by him. Source – Byo24News

file photo of the missing Itai Dzamara when being arrested by the police

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