Mnangagwa says he risked being shot and a dangerous long walk through a land mine infested area to escape Mugabe’s attempt to kill him

Mnangagwa says he risked being shot and a dangerous long walk through a land mine infested area to escape Mugabe’s attempt to kill him
Mnangawa revealed on his recent visit to Angola that the plot to eliminate him by Robert Mugabe who had dismissed him as from government in November 2017 led to him fleeing Zimbabwe within hours.
Mnangagwa says he was tipped off about an attempt to assasinate him so he headed straight to Forbes border post with Mozambique but he was denied exit.
This was allegedly followed by one of his sons an officer thwarting an attempt to shoot him by grabbing the weapon.
Mnangagwa now clearly realising that his days were numbered and he had to leave at all costs, considering that Mugabe had again recently attempted to kill him using ‘Alpha Omega Gushungo dairies ice cream’ which led to him being air lifeted to South Africa for treatment.
According to Mnangagwa, he was left with no alternative but to walk for 10 hours through a land mine-infested zone in Mozambique before boarding a plane from the port city of Beira to neighbouring South Africa.
The Zimbabwe National Army then placed Mnangagwa’s longtime ally of Mugabe under house arrest and forced him to resign before Mnangagwa returned.
To the DISCERNING eye this is an interesting story by Mnangagwa as to date no one has any proof about the attempted shooting at Forbes border post. If people were serious with killing him, would they have had just one gun at Forbes border post to kill him with.
This is no different from Jonathan Moyos claim that a team of snipers were shooting at him and his family in the house, ridiculous,..trained snipers missing an unarmed man and his family, then the long walk to freedom by Moyo and Kasukuwere ..wake up Zimbabwe.
All these stories are hog wash designed to play your imagination as all these criminals seek relevance in Zimbabwe beyond Mugabe. Today the same man behind Mugabe’s murderous reign and terrors unleashed upon Zimbabweans for so long, Emmerson Mnangagwa, wants to paint Mugabe as a killer,..really? The way we have always understood it, is that Mugabe is not a killer according to Mnangagwa, why now, and why then did he reward him, with a hefty lump sum payment of US$10 million and lifetime immunity from prosecution?
Again, read into the game, how come again, Mnangagwa’s vice President General Chiwenga safely made it through Harare airport with armed people who were armed soldiers dressed in NHS uniform. There was no gunfire and the General Chiwenga a man constantyly in touch with Mnangagwa featured throughout the attempts to get Mugabe to resign, saluting Mugabe constantly, politely shaking hands daily on TV then giving a US$10million goodbye kiss?
Remember Zimbabwe’s Permanant Secretary for Defence, was before the coup and still is Martin Rushwaya , Mnangagwa’s nephew.
Be careful Zimbabwe don’t be so blind as to fall into a well planned scam like the ‘Baba Jukwa’ scandal because poisoning, border attempts to kill him and long walk to freedom through mine infested areas are probably just stories made up by Mugabe and Mnangagwa together after working out their well executed succession plan. These guys are a team, why would Mugabe’s nephew, Perrance Shiri, a.k.a Bigboy Samson Chikerema now become the Minister of Lands and Agriculture, that close to Mnangagwa,..wake up!
This was too easy, and I ask, are they saying security are so useless as to have snipers who can’t shoot at targets like Moyo’s super size head, one gun at Forbes border post and by the general story at Harare airport, disclosing in this day and age of international terror that they could have several armed disguised soldiers dressed in NHS uniforms and milling around at Harare International airport with no one spotting this danger. How safe is it then to board a flight to or from Zimbabwe if harare international airport is that insecure as a normal person would choose to distance themselves from flying into or out of Zimbabwe if security at that airport is that lax,..wake up Zimbabwe!
These people have all used gullible Zimbabweans to clean up their corrupt activity, multi billion dollar wealth case in point the missing US$15 billion diamond loot, murderous reign through gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, white farmer eviction and 2008 elections and now they will make you think Mnangagwa will Reform Zanu pf out of power,..ha ha, you funny!
Lets be realistic people of Zimbabwe, do you really think one of the most powerful dictators deposed former president Robert Mugabe would fly regularly through an airport porous to guns infact acts of open terrorism such as many people milling amongst travellers dressed in NHS uniforms with soldier uniforms and guns on them? They just took Zimbabweans for the same fools they have always taken them for,..suckers!
There has been no change by removing Mugabe and replacing him with mnangagwa and while you celebrate the change, they are forging ahead and readying themselves for 2018 election victory and cementing their military power courtesy of gullible Zimbabweans.
Today Mnangagwa claims to have walked through landmine infested areas, so what, really so what? Haven’t the millions of Zimbabweans who were forcibly exiled by Mugabe, Mnangagwa,  Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats been doing this for years too, swimming across crocodile infested rivers like Limpopo, fleeing criminals, police, soldiers and border security at all borders just to survive and today he actually trivialises the people’s suffering by taking them for clowns and claiming such a far fetched story occured. Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must all go!
I suppose you begin to see why its reported that President Trump reportedly referred to African nations and Haiti as “shithole” countries,..hmmn, not a very good opinion but if you have lived under Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, you may rightly disagree with such a flowery description but genuinely agree that he could have a point to put across yet he should have found a more appropriate way of saying the same thing,..I shall not speak! DISCUSS!
More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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