ZIMBABWE ELECTORAL COMMISSION chair Justice Rita Makarau admits she has no power to demilitarise Zec



ZIMBABWE ELECTORAL COMMISSION : 2018 general elections have effectively been announced as the Zec chair Justice Rita Makarau has told opposition under the Nera umbrella that her hands are tied and she cannot demilitarise the Electoral commission’s secretariat. Demilitarisation of the body is a thorn in the flesh for democratic Zimbabweans as President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu pf regime uses Zimbabwe National Army ( ZNA)military muscle to continuously hold non free and unfair ballot in Mugabe’s favour hence a guaranteed Zanu pf victory in 2018..DISCUSS!.- ….More news to follow…by Sibusiso Ngwenya.



THE opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) says Grace Mugabe should produce evidence she paid the Zupco for buses she “abused” during her nationwide “succession” rallies which started last year.

PDP, led by former finance minister Tendai Biti, made the call on Tuesday after it emerged that Zupco had sued Chegutu East legislator, Dexter Nduna (Zanu PF) for US$25,000 which he is failing to pay for using the parastatal’s buses during the election.

Nduna hired 27 buses to transport his supporters during his 2013 election campaign.

“In fact, this case opens a Pandora’s Box as to how Zanu PF made use of state resources in order to massively tilt the electoral landscape in its favour ahead of the polls and also to rig the outcome of the same,” said the PDP in a statement.

“If low-ranked members of Zanu PF like Dexter Nduna could have unfettered access to government facilities for their own use without paying a dime for it, what more was advanced to Robert Mugabe’s campaign?

“While Zupco is being professional in pursuing its payments from crooks like Nduna, it goes without saying that the same troubled public transport operator must also pursue payment from the likes of Grace Mugabe whose abuse of state resources is legendary”.

Last year Grace did not only use Zupco buses but went on to brand them with her images when she went on a nationwide campaign insulting then vice president Joice Mujuru who was later fired.

Then local government minister, Ignatius Chombo, defended the widely condemned ‘branding’, claiming the First Lady was paying for the buses.

“We condemn in the strongest of these reports of Zanu PF elites abusing the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco) buses for their political activities,” the PDP added.

“We have always held that Zanu PF is abusing government resources as witnessed by the recent partisan dishing out of agricultural implements sourced through a public loan from Brazil by the First lady, Grace Mugabe.” source-newzimbabwe


Cameron Claims ‘Labour Is Now A Threat To National, Economic And Your family’s Security’

David Cameron

In the wake of veteran  Jeremy Corbyns surprise victory in the labour party leadership battle, the British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives party,  David Cameron has posted on twitter that ‘The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security’. source-twitter

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photo-guardian-British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives party,  David Cameron

Tendai Biti Names His ‘People’s Democratic Party,’ Team – See List Below

People’s Democratic Party national executive has  nominated ex-Finance Minister as its founding president with Samual Sipepa-Nkomo as his deputy.

Evelyn Masaiti leads the Women’s league.

Below is the full line up

President – Tendai Biti
Deputy – Samuel Sipepa Nkomo
Chair – Lucia Matibenga
Deputy – Watchy Sibanda
Secretary General – Gorden Moyo
Deputy – Tongai Matutu
Treasurer General – Benison Ntini
Deputy – Julius Magarangoma
Organising Secretary – Solomon Madzore
Spokesperson – Jacob Mafume
Deputy – George Mkwananzi
Elections – Settlement Chikwinya
International  Relations – Willias Madzimure
Recruitment – Gift Mabhena
Policy and Research – Last Maengahama
Wilstaf Stemere – committee member
Paul Madzore – committee member
Jefferyson Chitando – Committee member
Lungile Ncube – committee member
Manyengavana – youth president
Evelyn Masaiti – Women league president

Source – Byo24News

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‘Joshua Nkomo, Was A Sellout Who Represented Interests Of White Minority’- VP Mnangagwa


VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has sensationally claimed the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo lost the 1980 general elections to Zanu-PF leader, then Prime Minister, Robert Mugabe because he represented interests of the white minority.

Mnangagwa, in a recent interview with the New African magazine, claimed the former late Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith confided to him and Mugabe that Nkomo and Zanu founder, Ndabaningi Sithole lost the elections because they did not represent the interests of the black majority.

Nkomo and Sithole participated in the elections under PF Zapu and Zanu Ndonga tickets respectively and lost to Mugabe, in elections where they alleged electoral fraud.

Mnangagwa told the New African magazine that Smith, in a meeting held in Mount Pleasant after the elections, said Mugabe won the polls because he was a principled leader compared to the two.

“In 1980, just after the elections in Zimbabwe, but before Mugabe, who was PM-elect was inaugurated, we were at a place in Mount Pleasant in Harare when Mugabe said he wanted to talk to Ian Smith, the outgoing PM and the generals. I was then Mugabe’s personal assistant and head of security . . . Once inside the room, Smith said: “Mr Mugabe, before you speak, I want to say something.” Mugabe said: “Ok, go on.” Then Smith said: “Mr Mugabe do you know why you won this election?” Mugabe said: “Why?'” Mnangagwa told the New African magazine.

He added: “Smith said: ‘Me, as Ian Smith, I represent white interests and I have been championing white interests, but I have been able to call other African leaders to discuss issues with them. People like (the late James) Chikerema, Joshua Nkomo, Ndabaningi Sithole, Chief Chirau of Zvimba and others.”

“All these lost elections because the African people of this country have realised that these leaders do not only stand for the interests of the black people, they can also be swayed by me to represent white interests. But you have not met me. You have refused to meet me. So the people know that you are the only one who represents their interests. So Mr Mugabe, you should be grateful to me for not having met you.”

Mnangagwa was responding to a question on what he thought had kept Mugabe in power since 1980.

The VP added: “. . . You see, I am telling you this story to say that President Mugabe has survived because he is a principled leader. He makes sure, eh, champions the interests of the people.

“So his people, the majority in this country, stand with him in good and bad times, and he does not desert his people. This is why he has survived. That is the secret.”Source – newsday – See more at: http://www.newzimbabwevision.com

‘MDC T Founding Member Also Senior Official, ‘Misheck Gapare; Ditches party For Zanu PF’,


A Masvingo senior MDC-T official Mr Misheck Gapare has ditched the party and formally applied to join Zanu-PF as the beleaguered opposition party’s support base continues to shrink.

Mr Gapare, a veteran trade unionist and founding MDC-T member has already officially written to the ruling Zanu-PF party in Masvingo applying to be an ordinary card-carrying member citing lack of direction in the Morgan Tsvangirai-led party.

He served as a provincial executive member of the MDC-T in Masvingo for many years occupying the post of provincial intelligence secretary.

The Zanu-PF leadership in Masvingo directed Mr Gapare to forward his application to join the revolutionary party to the party’s Ward 8 district in Masvingo Urban where he comes from.

In his letter to Zanu-PF Ward 8 district chair Cde Aaron Ndahwi dated August 19, Mr Gapare said he was ditching the MDC-T for Zanu-PF owing to the latter’s people-oriented policies.

Mr Gapare said the MDC-T was driven by dictatorship and ideological bankruptcy hence his decision to quit the party and join Zanu-PF.

He said the MDC-T was an inconsistent political formation that had no clue on how to take Zimbabwe forward.

“I have been a member of the MDC-T since its formation in 1999 and held various posts in that party, but I am now applying to join Zanu-PF due to its policies of promoting development for the benefit of all Zimbabweans,’’ said Mr Gapare in his letter.

He said Zanu-PF was the only political party that was driving a pro-people agenda that has the potential to take this country forward.

Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial chairman Cde Paradzai Chakona yesterday said he had not yet been informed about Mr Gapare’s decision to join the ruling party.

However, Zanu-PF secretary for security in Ward 8 and Masvingo City Councillor Against Chiteme confirmed that his district had received Mr Gapare’s letter requesting to join the ruling party.

“We received Mr Gapare’s letter and sat down as the party leadership in Ward 8 where we agreed that he brings all his MDC-T party cards and regalia and surrender them to senior members of the Zanu-PF provincial executive,’’ said Cde Chiteme.

He said they would soon forward Mr Gapare’s letter to the provincial leadership where his official unveiling as a ruling party member will be done by senior party leaders in the province.

MDC-T Masvingo provincial chairman Mr James Gumbi could not be contacted as his mobile phone repeatedly went unanswered.

The MDC-T is currently grappling with intense infighting along factional lines and recently five party members were injured after factional-related violence broke out at a party restructuring meeting in Chivi. source-herald

Welshman Ncube : ‘Zimbabwe, From Two Million Employed Down To Two Million Unemployed’


BY THE the time you read this piece, the Parliament of Zimbabwe would have passed the Labour (Amendment) Bill, 2015. It seeks to solve a labour problem for which many blame either the Supreme Court or overzealous employers said to have unscrupulously taken advantage of the Supreme Court ruling on notice termination of employment to engage in mass dismissals of employees without compensation.

I have read gloatingly provocative postings online by Zanu PF mandarins calling upon the opposition to take a position on the Bill whether they stand on the side of workers (with Zanu PF) or that of employers. The reality though is that the mess we find ourselves in rests on the shoulders of Zanu PF. All blame lies in one place – at the doorstep of Zanu PF and its clueless government.

Zanu PF seeks to present itself as the saviour of the working people by the Bill yet it is the sole author of the misfortunes and misery inflicted upon the hard working people of Zimbabwe. The economic mismanagement and disastrous policies ranging from a land reform programme implemented indiscriminately, vindictively and without any regard to basic economics, let alone the national interest through to indigenisation policies and laws also implemented without any regard whatsoever to basic common sense and all the way through to bad economic policies which have cumulatively brought the national economy to its knees, creating this labour crisis.

What is amazing is the number of so many opposition politicians who have joined the Zanu PF chorus belting out war cries against employers and the Supreme Court and supposedly for workers as if in drunken idiotic stupor. To join Zanu PF in its hysterical frenzy on the Bill supposedly in the name of the people is the height of folly. The Labour crisis is a Zanu PF creation. They engineered the economic collapse. They mismanaged the country and economy.

Zanu PF destroyed just about every sector of the economy, and its enablers be it power, transport, general infrastructure, etc. They are responsible for the sorry state of business in the country. No law can ever decree successful business. No law on retrenchments and compensation thereto will mend the economy. No labour law will serve a single business from collapse. Only a responsible, informed government with sound polices can do that. The Zanu PF government is not that government.

President Robert Mugabe claims to have won Election 2013 with ‘a resounding victory’ – this because he promised voters prosperity through ‘two million jobs’. The Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries observed that our industry’s capacity utilisation is around thirty-six percent “due to lack of capital inflows, the liquidity crunch, no change in economic policy and low domestic demand”.

This is two years since President Mugabe ‘won with a landslide’. We ask, where are the millions of jobs when three million informal traders are hounded by ‘police’ from our streets? When some twenty thousand employees have been retrenched since the Supreme Court judgment; how come the de-industrialisation of Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo, Kadoma and Mutare continue unabated.

I am not for once insinuating that our country has ever experienced a state of full employment – my point is that when Zanu PF took over the reins in 1980, every adult who wanted a job had one – in farms, mines, industry, commerce, local and central government. However, as President Mugabe began to feel progressively insecure, he embarked on a treacherous course of destroying our economy, resulting in capital flight and decimation of agriculture.

Zanu PF created mass emigration and unemployment in the country. We know better because in year 2000, the MDC was a strong and vibrant political party with its roots deeply embedded in the working class. President Mugabe was equally aware that more than a million of these were farm workers and their dependants, so he deliberately destroyed that sector. He was ‘happy’ to see another three million workers escape to the Diaspora, for this would reduce their chances of voting for the MDC.

In the typical Zanu PF expert capability of creating red herrings, they have the audacious guile to tell us that they cannot attend to the fixing of the national economy today because skulls of some First Chimurenga heroines and heroes are allegedly displayed somewhere in British museums. In the middle of the worst economic crisis since 2008 and choosing a solemn day for honouring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be free and prosperous, a whole state President takes the podium and, instead of telling the nation how his party and government proposes to reset the course and chart a new way forward to recapture the essence of the values, principles, purposes and objectives of the National Liberation struggle so as to bring prosperity to the people in whose name so many gave their lives, he chooses to tell us about skulls.

Some of his Ministers follow this up without any trace of shame; saying the government cannot address the economic crisis until the British have ‘repatriated’ the supposed skulls. Yet another Minister takes to the media to tell us of the assembling of a team to engage the British over these skulls. If the return of these skulls is an important precondition for our progress then why have they done nothing about them in 35 years? And all this while the country burns and workers are dismissed in their thousands not because employers are evil but because we have a government which has totally mismanaged the country and in particular the national economy which by any account is in total shambles.

We are now being asked to declare whether we are on the side of workers or employers in relation to this Labour Amendment Bill. We have always been and we will always be on the side of the hardworking people of this country. We refuse to be hoodwinked by the beating of false war drums and the whipping of emotions to a frenzy. Emotion has always been and will always be an enemy of reason and common sense. Common sense and reason tell us that after all the hysteria and war drums have gone silent nothing, I repeat absolutely nothing, would have changed.

The Labour Amendment Bill, whether applied retrospectively or not, would not change for the better an iota of the challenges that faces our national economy. Businesses will continue to close. Companies will continue to relocate from Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo, Kwekwe and Mutare to Harare as workers continue to lose their jobs and livelihoods, with and without any compensation for loss of employment.

Employees of state enterprises such as NRZ will continue to go for months without pay. Luckier workers will continue to be placed on short time. Every aspect of the life of ordinary people will continue to deteriorate as long as the cruel President and his cruel party are in power. They have no plan, cannot have a plan and will never have a plan that will restore the economy. Theirs is a power game for power’s sake for the purpose of self-aggrandisement at the expense of the people.

Let us return to basics. The purpose of government is to secure national interest by implementing sound economic policies and creating an economic and business environment through a legal regulatory framework that is fair and just. In so doing, a sound government recognises that in any given country based on free enterprise, people with capital seek to invest for a fair and reasonable return. They require economic policies and laws that give them security of their investment and reasonable returns on that investment. On the other hand, labour seeks job security, fair remuneration and safety at the work place.

It is the purpose of government to construct policies and laws that promote an environment in which the two interests are balanced for mutual benefit of both employers and workers. Ultimately, the only true security for jobs, fair remuneration and safety at the workplace is the success of business – whether that business is public/state business or private business. The coercive capacity of the law does not and cannot create business and labour success.

In these circumstances, I refuse to applaud Zanu PF for the Labour Amendment Bill. I refuse to be fooled into seeing Zanu PF as fighting on the side of workers when in fact it is the author of their misery and that of all the working people of this country. I refuse to celebrate the making of retrospective legislation under the guise of protecting the greater good.

As one who spent the greater part of his life researching and writing about constitutions and constitutionalism and as a legal historian, I know all too well that all roads to repression are littered with nice sounding clichés and slogans in the name of the people and supposedly for the greater good. Today, supposed democrats and rule of law advocates stand up opportunistically claiming that Parliament can make retrospective laws taking away vested rights.

Once this precedent has been set and once supposed democrats have joined Zanu PF in asserting that vested rights can be taken away retrospectively by Parliament, tomorrow Zanu PF will come back marching and waving the precedent on retrospectivity to erase one-by-one every other right we have. What short memories we have!

Only yesterday we were insisting on sections 3(1) (b) and 3(2) (k) of the constitution being part of the founding values and principles of our constitution; the inviolable essential features of the constitution on which everything else is built. What was the point of the “we the people” declaration that “Zimbabwe is founded on respect for the rule of law” if we did not understand that one of the basic tenets of the rule of law is the notion that no one is punishable in body or in goods except for a distinct breach of a pre-existing law?

Equally, what was the point in “we the people” declaring that the “principles of good governance which bind the state and all institutions and agencies of government at every level, include due respect for vested rights’ if we did not understand that this very principle prohibits the making of retrospective legislation taking away vested rights.

Was it all in vain? The irony of all this is that the supposed democrats with whom we were in the trenches fighting for these provisions are today’s populist who have joined Zanu PF in its rubbishing and negation of these clauses supposedly for the greater good. Some of them having lost the argument in the Supreme Court should really not be part of those beating war drums, literally against the constitution.

Let them not cry foul when Zanu PF, true to its DNA, returns to devour them using the teeth given to it by them in the beauty contest of unprincipled populism! Principled democrats would be pushing for a National Framework that will secure the economy, grow business and guarantee the right to work and fair remuneration through successful businesses and a stable economy.

There are also hard questions to be asked of employers. What on earth did they think they were doing literally engaging in frenzied mass retrenchments under the guise of notice termination? The irresponsible conduct in mass dismissals of thousands of workers was always going to attract the attention of the usual populists. It was truly a season of silliness.

I am sure the judges of the Supreme Court who penned that judgment are equally shocked by the abuse and misuse of their judgment. I doubt that the Supreme Court would have upheld the mass retrenchments disguised as notice terminations of employment. If what was being done by the employers is the true meaning of the Supreme Court judgment, then the Supreme Court would have held that the retrenchment clauses of the Labour Act stand for nothing. That cannot be.

As a lawyer, employer and political leader, I inevitably experience grief in solidarity with the thousands of Zimbabweans who have lost their jobs following the indiscriminate use of the Supreme Court judgment. I know too that there are millions others toiling day and night to keep their heads above the water. To imagine that these retrenchments are nothing new, for they have, for decades, been part of our lives; all because of one entity – Zanu PF.

Now the chickens have come home to roost. Let me hasten to say Don Nyamande, Kingstone Donga and Zuva Petroleum are not the villains in this labour crisis, but symptoms of a political and economic system that has decayed over the past two decades.  There are millions of other citizens who lost their jobs long before Justices Chidyausiku, Gwaunza, Garwe, Hlatshwayo, and Guvava made the historical notice termination judgment.

In a normal functional economy, people choose where to be employed, who to employ, when to hire and fire, mutual respect and social justice are balanced with viability and sustainability of business. Employers cannot dismiss workers based purely on animosity, hatred and revenge – especially where demand for goods and services is high. But we are victims of bad governance and rapid de-industrialisation, arising out of bad economic policies.

Equally, hard questions should be directed at the trade union movement for sleeping on duty. Why were their research departments over all these years failing to pick out that the common law right of employers to terminate employment on notice had not been curtailed by the Labour Act?

Could they have been too busy playing midwife to the abortive ambitions or should I say stillbirths of their favoured politicians, who some more schooled than me in the English language have likened to clouds which never bear any rain? Now the trade union movement has been caught with its pants down and has to run into the embrace of a grateful but lethal and venomous Zanu PF for emergency protection. One hopes good lessons have been learnt all round.

The issue is not whether or not people are retrenched with packages. The issue is about policies that create more jobs and opportunities for citizens to do things for themselves. The crisis is not in the law, but in the system of governance, a system that fails to attract both local and foreign investment.

Our opinion is that a devolved, revived and vibrant labour market through rapid industrialisation is an opportunity for a future MDC government to ensure workers and employees are empowered to associate freely, assemble freely and negotiate market rates for their wages and salaries. We see local and provincial governments ensuring that labour best practices, workplace health and safety standards are adhered to while local human skills capacity will be given priority in order for labour to take advantage of local resource exploitation. The law comes in only to regulate and set minimum standards.

All investments will be encouraged to give priority to locals while workers will be encouraged to take up shares in local companies. Collective bargaining, strikes and negotiations will be managed effectively via tripartite social contracts. All efforts will be taken to ensure workers are remunerated fairly in order to balance the interests of workers, employers and investors especially in managing prevailing cost of living. A new Social Security law will be put in place so that workers who retire maintain at least 30% access of their previous work benefits i.e. a liveable pension and access to basic medical care. By Welshman Ncube MDC

‘Harare City Council, Lays Off 3000 Employees’: -Supreme Court Ruling

10689559_10204984801836614_136041790339921128_n (1)

In an  unprecedented wave of the failed Zanu PF government, orchestrated redudancies, the Harare City Council has joined the bandwagon of dismissals by  laying off a total of almost  3000 workers on three months’ notice, courtesy of the recent Supreme Court ruling.

To everyone’s surprise, these dismissals have been excecuted at atime  that Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime is feigning concern by claiming that they are currently working on amending the Labour Act, to curtail the ruthless wave of dismissals.

The Supreme Court ruling has so far resulted in a total  of more than of 22 000 workers losing their jobs on  three months’ notice since the  17th of July 2015 is now above 22 000, a massive blow to the destitute Zimbabweans, whose main source of employment is now virtually that of fruit and vegetable vendors, irrespective of whether one is a graduate or uneducated individual.

To the discerning eye, this is typically proof that Mugabe’s ruthless, corrupt and  illegitimate Zanu PF regime has created a failed Zimbabwe state. Mugabe’s regime, in their infamous NIKUV ballot win of 31st July 2013, had promised the electorate, the creation of 2 million jobs, but its now almost clear that this was a printing error in the Zanu PF Nikuv campaign manifesto as, in reality they have managed to create 2million unemployed and destitute citizens, whilst , through their heartless criminal activities, they have become filthy rich US$ multi millionaires. By Sibusiso Ngwenya, see more at www.newzimbabwevision.com.

Grace Mugabe Tells Tongas in Binga, ‘If You Continue Supporting Tsvangirai, You Will Stay Like This’

grace6 (1)

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe has warned BaTonga people that if they want development and support from government they must stop voting for MDC-led by Morgan Tsvangirai, accusing them of not understanding the history of the liberation struggle.

Since 2000 the MDC has been winning in Binga North and South constituencies and in the 2013 harmonised elections the MDC-T won 23 out of the 25 wards.

Binga district is one of the most underdeveloped areas in Matebeleland North province with limited access to roads, mud structure classrooms and poor medical facilities, three decades after independence.

School children and patients walk distances of about 10 km to reach such facilities and services.

Grace, who took to the podium after smoking the traditional Tonga pipe, told a sizeable crowd of mainly Zanu PF supporters, that if they understood and appreciated the history of liberation struggle they would stop voting for the MDC.

“If you continue supporting Tsvangirai you will stay like this, if you understood the history of this country, you would never vote for MDC,” said Grace.

“I know the MDC won the majority seats here in Binga, but come 2018, I know we will be talking of a different story,” she added.

She also told the gathering to be wary of Non-Governmental Organisations as they use food hand-outs to push their regime change agenda.

“These NGOs are taking you for granted, they are giving you food hand-outs, and they are not bringing development,” she said.

Grace added that President Mugabe cares about the welfare of Zimbabweans and no one was going to die of hunger as the government has bought maize from Zambia.

People in the district risk their lives by fishing in the crocodile infested Zambezi River to put food on the table.

Grace was at Binga Kraal Primary school Thursday for the official launch of the Bulawayo Irrigation Scheme project.


35 Years Of Absolute Power Have Absolutely Corrupted And Corroded Mugabe’s Mind!

robert-mugabe-reportedly-offers-300000-reward-for-identity-of-anonymous-mole-revealing-zimbabwes-secrets (1)

“The best way of thanking them (our heroes) and showing appreciation is no longer to shed tears but to say we have the country you fought for, we have the natural resources you fought for and we are developing these currently,” Mugabe said.

Many people have been saying Mugabe has become senile and for years I have refused to accept that, but now I have no choice but to accept it; it is clear he has lost it.

What is he wittering about “we have the country you fought for”? He is the one who dished out all the farms to his family and his Zanu-PF thugs. He knows that they have sat on these farms so that millions of prime farms have been left unused turning a net exporter of food, tobacco and other produces into a nation of beggars.

We are starving in the Garden of Eden!

Mugabe and a select few in his cabal are benefiting from the $800 billion bounty of Marange diamonds; the nation has not seen a single dollar in collected revenue from Marange. Only a certified stupid idiot would construe the grand looting and plunder in Marange as “development”!

It was Lord Acton, 1834 to 1902, who said “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

After enjoying absolute power for 35 years it is clear absolute power has not only corrupted Mugabe absolutely but has corroded his mental faculty absolutely too. The man is now a certified village idiot living in his own cloud-cuckoo-land Zimbabwe, a far cry from the hell-on-earth Zimbabwe we know! by Wilbert Mukori –

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