Mweyamutsvene Catholic School head and wife demoted, over denying poor, barefooted boy , access to exams

MWEYAMUTSVENE CATHOLIC SHOOL HEAD AND WIFE DEMOTED: A boy, Belvin Chibi can, in a sense feel Justice has been served after the school head, Abel Rubendo was demoted demoted and removed from the school, to teach geography reportedly at St Joseph school.

The saga arose from the fact that the boy Belvin Chibi then doing his form four was barred from sitting his finals for being barefoot. His grandmother could not afford a pair of shoes and the Catholic Management found the headmaster’s wife Nyasha Rubendo had overstepped the mark by effectively abusing authority and barring the school boy from sitting his exams all because he could not afford a pair of shoes.

This, in no way makes up for the boys losses with respect to time spent in education, cost of education and mental state in preparing for such cruxial, life changing exams. In essence his life was ruined by the callous decision making involving the headmaster and wife.

The school’s deputy head was also demoted to the being an ordinary teacher and removed from the school, so the school is currently awaiting a new head to take over the vacancy created by this move.More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-herald- Belvin Chibi centre with his grand mother

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