‘newzimbabwevision’ is vindicated after (PHD) ministeries prophet Walter Magaya claims government officials are after his life’


The ‘Discerning eye newzimbabwevision’ is vindicated after PROPHETIC HEALING AND DELIVERANCE (PHD) ministeries prophet Walter Magaya admitted what we told the nation about recently.

We warned that he has crossed the line by up staging Mugabe through widespread followership, grand investment schemes and purchasing Grace Mugabe’s chronicles for US $50,000. Obviously the naive PHD prophet was doing his best to brown nose the despot even going as far as claiming that he is 5000 % sure Mugabe is corruption free and the only one who can turn Zimbabwe’s misfortunes around for a brighter future.

Magaya also claimed that bond notes were good for the economy and Zimbabweans must accept them. However Magaya reportedly now openly announced to his flock that some senior politicians and government officials were keen to eliminate him. The PHD minister, went all out recently to flaunt his unaccountable wealth by announcing an ambitious project to builds 26000 housing units including 5000 homes in Bulawayo, a hotel and a football ground in Bulawayo. agaya even reportedly claimed to his flock that two PHD ministries women were offered US$100,000 to build trumped up charges against him, claiming he has recordings of all these offences after the women tipped him off to Mugabe’s Zanu PF tactics.

To the ‘Discerning Eye newzimbabwevision, Walter Magaya is a marked man and ZANU pf never missed a target of in range….ask madzibaba Border Gezi, General Solomon Mujuru, business man Peter Pamire all dead now, and the missing activist cum journalist Itai Dzamara.

Magaya has dated to go where many have gone before and few have ever come back at least not alive.    #ThisFlag Leader Pastor Evan Maware moved the nation forward in protest against Mugabe, Zanu family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats who monopolise wealth and power while the people are suffering under a massively debilitating economy inflicted by President Robert Mugabe but he fled in fear of a real and pending threat to his family and life initially to South Africa and eventually to the safety of the United States of America. Magaya even reportedly claimed to his flock that the politicians are jealous of his achievements and are desperate to bring him down on trumped up charges.

If what Magaya alleges is true then it’s great news to the nation as those who continuously benefit from the entropy created by Mugabe are part of Mugabe’s weapons of mass oppression. Silencing him and bringing him down to size will allow Zimbabweans, coloured, black, white, any tribe, political orientation or religion to unite against a common evil, speak with one voice and form a powerful alliance capable of unseating Mugabe and his Zanu PF in 2018.

We cannot waste out efforts into rallying in support of Magaya unless and untill he publicly breaks free from his Zany PF apologist stance and moved a United suffering people in absolute defiance to oppressive authority, …then and only then can people possibly run with his strategy even though not necessarily trust his intentions. Now he knows the real colours of Zanu pf. You never ever upstage Zanu Pf and walk away a clean person, remember  Archbishop Pius Ncube and all his hard work over exposing the gukurahundi genocide to the world,..where is he now…need I say more?

I always warn that Mugabe and Zanu pf have no permanant friends. They will use you to their benefit and discard you at the earliest opportunity.

If evidence against Magaya irrespective of his social status or wealth, is credible over the rape claims, then let him face the music in court but if not, let the law free him in a constitutional manner. He has a lot of work in rebuilding that trust from Zimbabweans. The nation should be wary of being drawn into blindly supporting an alleged criminal or rapist’ because of his social standing. For now, it’s a free show,…enjoy! .DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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