BREAKING NEWS:-‘Mugabe’s medical emergency at Sadc meeting, and collapse midflight’

To the ‘Discerning eye, newzimbabwevision, Zimbabwe is finally on a guaranteed end to Mugabe rule. We have all known that of late Mugabe has been spending more time at his rural home in Zvimba due to his advanced age along with poor health and poor mental status.
He has over the last few months been well protected from the public by his corrupt circus of Zanu PF securocrats and criminal Zanu PF stalwarts who did not want his deteriorated state to go public. They have been finalising the transition from Mugabe to the next Zanu PF leader as Mugabe is now no longer physically or mentally capable of managing the gruelling task of presidential office demands. He has finally come to terms with the reality of mortility.
Credible reports released by insiders in the Zanu PF camp, whom newzimbabwevision will protect as , divulging such information is inherently fraught with danger, indicate that president Robert Mugabe suffered two medical emergencies this week including a stroke.
Our news desk is reliably informed that when President Robert Mugabe, attended the SADC Heads of State meeting in Swaziland he, on Tuesday suffered a medical emergency, which was handled by emergency medical services at the function and he was shortly placed on a flight back to Zimbabwe, which is why he left the meeting before its end on Thursday.
The reports by insiders also indicate that all systems kicked into place at Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare with the flight refuelling, and a new crew along with a team of medical doctors flying with the sickly president to Singapore for a full health check.
His condition is also why his family were also on board the flight but, further emergency in flight, forced the crew to divert to Malawi’s capital after Mugabe had a stroke in flight.
To the ‘Discerning eye, newzimbabwevision’ it is clear why the Zanu PF regime and securocrats decided to ban all public gatherings and meetings in and around the Harare capital city ‘ Central Business’ district with effect from Friday 2nd September for a week, warning that anyone found in breach of this directive issued in line with a Statutory instrument gazzetted on Thursday, will immediately be arrested by police and face up to a year in prison.
The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) also said this is all in line with the draconian pubic order security act ( POSA), but it is obvious the Zanu PF regime and securocrats know that as information filters out or Mugabe’s health situation deteriorates and potentially the worst happens, the public will roar into life and break out into mass protests demanding an end to his reign or rather that of his left overs including Zanu PF stalwarts, securocrats and Zim1 family.
They fear the euphoria that will be generated by the eventual outcome, which is usually accompanied with violence, looting, destruction, and acts of reprisal or vengeance from a formerly oppressed people suddenly free and lashing out in anger at their oppressors, once the despot leader is confirmed as the ‘walking dead!’
If Mugabe succumbs to this serious situation, it is the end of the people’s suffering finally but we all know that, the flight which took his family away was one which also whisked away the remainder of our stashed national wealth that the First family has amassed through corruption and crime,…its gone!
Whatever happens now, Mugabe’s biological clock is finally winding down as he is a spent force, well past its sell by date, and cannot fight against nature.
Mugabe  is finished and can no longer manage to come back again and instil fear amongst the people or be of any further relevance.  2018 is now just a meaningless figure to which he is not expected to get to as his mental state and health state are all now in an ‘UNSERVICEABLE’ situation.
He managed to rig elections and always ‘NIKUVED’ his way into power at every general election, but  finally, the crinal Zanu PF caucus have accepted that one can NIKUV his way to victory at each and every turn in elections but no one can ‘NIKUV’ his time on earth, thus the empire has collapsed!
. He is typically gone,..for ever from public life as Zimbabwe’s president which is why the ban was only placed for five days because, they want people to warm up to incoming leadership which would be the acting president in place, who according to our new constitution, can hold the office for 90 days in the event that anything happens to the president.
The acting president  will have to facilitate the selection of a new leader in Zanu PF as per Zanu PF constitution who will take the nation through to the 2018 general election when Mugabe’s mandate to rule Zimbabwe ends,..,How befitting that he has over the last decade spent more time on a plane than on the ground, and now his end is nigh, all beginning from a stroke mid flight, this space!
To the ‘Discerning eye. newzimbabwevision’, the factionalism that has seen battle lines drawn between Grace Mugabe’s G40 camp and Mnangagwa’s Lacoste camp, was typically a waste of time that only cost the nation in the sense that Mugabe was more focused on putting out internal fires than resolving the national crisis and resulting suffering as Zimbabwe was brought down to its knees by the debilitating economy, which saw unemployment rise to well over 90%.
In theory, Mnangagwa has, after facing gruelling battles fuelled by Zanu PF factionalism, finally won the war without lifting a finger, because, as the acting Vice President, he is the man in charge now and the one to move the nation past the rough waters to a new era under a new president. The fact that Mugabe has generally been a bed ridden figure of late and living at his rural home in Zvimba instead of the state house in Harare, explains why the powerful Zanu PF stalwarts, securocrats and Zim1 family dragged their feet to allow final looting, destruction of incriminating files and evidence and securing their own tickets onto the next Zanu Pf looting train by maintaining a firm grip on power and further looting national wealth and resources. I can only say, there will be hell to pay in the future for many who trod on Mnangagwa’s toes because the deal is ‘technically sealed’…Mnangagwa is Zimbabwe’s new president!  
The criminal Zanu PF stalwarts, securocrats and Zim1 family  have,  all along been working behind the scenes to pitch an, ‘all is well’ scenario, keeping him out of the picture because of his memory lapses and confused state well entrenched into the war time era  and early 80’s post independance phase with little or no knowledge of Zimbabwe’s current state.
They have been working all along on ensuring that their monopoly on power is maintained even though it was now obvious Mugabe is a spent force  but they allowed him to stay in charge to give the public and international world a picture of all is well, by writing brief speeches for him, determining what he had to say and swiftly removing him from the limelight before he relapsed into his now regular lapses.
In hind sight, we now all know fully well that he has no clue about the extent of protests and disillusionment  amongst the suffering electorate. More news to follow….. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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